July 30, 2021


Game CMD 368

How To Play Pugna In Nuker – Pusher Position



Pugna is a pretty easy hero to play. Although fragile, this hero’s nuke dmg and heal is very strong and also a great pusher of Dota2.

Guide To Play Pugna – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Easy to play, easy to win
  • Abundant mana amount
  • Huge damage maintained continuously
  • Super strong push thanks to spam Nether blast
  • Very good mud play thanks to Life Drain
  • Specialize in nuker spammy skills with the Nether ward


  • Super lack of health
  • A lot of Mana, but the skill set also consumes a lot of mana too and has to spam constantly
  • Late game not as strong as many other nukers
  • It takes a lot of things to increase rigidity and discomfort level

Skill Table For Pugna


Nether blast is Pugna ‘s main damage skill, will be maximized first, the other 2 skills take 1 point at early levels. After completing the Nether blast, you will have to weigh the other 2 skills. If the enemy has many heroes in the form of money-eating spam (for example, Invoker, Zeus, Outworld Devourer, …) then maximizing the Nether wards will harden these hordes, otherwise, just raise Decrepify to accumulate damage. Ultimate got the right level

About Talent:

  • Lv10 takes +225 Health to help solve the problem of blood and gore like your tampon
  • Lv15 takes 1 second off for Nether blast to get more spam.
  • Depending on the situation, at Lv20, Decrepify’s 2s effect will give you the ability to keep enemies very well, not to mention dealing with heroes with terrorist hand damage that always punches you with 1 kill. But the ability to restore 25% more health from Life Drain will help you stay upright in the storm, especially when the opponent doesn’t have the skills or item to interrupt channeling.
  • Lv20 takes 1.75 Nether ward damage to each mana counter for spam-loving skills. And if your team likes to destroy the turret, take +200 damage for Nether blast, collapse the house very quickly

How To Play Pugna


Early game

Pugna has a relatively pleasant animation, so it is not too difficult to the last hit, just hit a few to get used to the animation. If you are on the lane with many spammers like Invoker, Skywrath Mage, … just stick the Nether ward stake right in the yard (the range of piles is far away from 1k6) to limit their ability to poke.

Occasionally you can still use the Nether blast to eat minions if you need money to buy important items early (especially Bottle) and keep spam to blast the enemy hero, the better. If there is nothing special, no support for roam gank, please be gentle and wait until level6 and be aggressive.

His combo at level 6 is simple and can be used throughout the game, but is quite dangerous to use because it requires Pugna to keep a sufficient distance from the opponent: get close to using Decrepify, blast Nether Blast then stand to suck blood with Life drain, the ultimate is now buffed for true sight on the target with the autoclave, so now you don’t need to worry too much about the blindness issue being canceled.

Nether blast is also a good tool to destroy towers, spam your opponent’s tower when you reach level 2 or more, but you still have to make sure your mana doesn’t go too low to use the remaining moves.

Mid game

This stage is when you should go gank and push hard. Pugna ‘s push power during this period is extremely formidable, and with the enemy team’s core heroes not being farmed much, the opponent’s tower defense is relatively weak.

When you have Aether lens, you can blast Nether blast out of tower range (but have to stay near the edge of the explosion). Before pushing towers, especially ones near trees, you should place Nether wards nearby but avoid the vision of the pillars, get stuck in the trees as possible, making the opponent wary of spamming house protecting skills.

Once you have Aghanims Scepter, you can continuously drain Life, which is very useful in team fights because you can both damage enemies and can transfuse important heroes of the team while still maintaining. Preserve the ability to recover by changing health suction/transfusion targets easily

Late game

In the late game, you should go with your team to fight. The way of using the move is the same as in the mid-game, the combo is the same. Note that at this stage, Decrepify is a versatile skill used to fight money-fast fighters very well, usually, the enemy cores have bought Black King Bar so you stinging them seems ineffective for, so use it on your teammates or yourself to help avoid the attack of these guys (also why the nukers have used up all their skills and buffed, if not squeezed the team).