August 3, 2021


Game CMD 368

How To Play Shadow Demon In The Support Position – Roamer

Shadow Demon

Shadow Demon

Shadow Demon is a hero with quite an interesting gameplay. A support that can both cling to the lane, can roam gank and deal a tremendous amount of damage on a large scale.

How To Play Shadow Demon – Advantages / Disadvantages

Shadow Demon


  • Stable power from early to late game
  • Strong in long fights (provided that you use the right skills)
  • Don’t need too many items to take on your support role
  • Severe and large-scale damage
  • The hard challenge with heroes who use buffs


  • Difficult to play with skill sets that require relatively high usage
  • Use the skill set incorrectly will accidentally squeeze the team
  • Low on health, poor mobility

Skill Table For Shadow Demon

Shadow Demon

Disruption is taken at first level to retain the enemy if there is a fight in the early game, but if your team has a lot of disables, you can take Shadow Poison first for damage. Shadow Poison needs to be maxed out first as this is Shadow Demon ‘s main damage harassing skill (which maxes if you stack 4 or 5), then depending on the situation it can maximize Disruption if the enemy team own a hero with great hand damage, otherwise, maximize Soul Catcher after maxing points for shadow poison. Ultimate got the right level

About Talent:

  • Lv10 takes +10 Strength to help the health a little more, preventing evaporation too quickly if you accidentally get focus or a ganker hooked the tire for shock damage. But this one also needs a level, the 25% increase in exp is also worth considering
  • Lv15 when you are confident that the enemy is very stupid to catch all Shadow Poison in the face, take + 25% damage for this skill, easy to damage up. But on the contrary, she voluntarily added 40-speed runs and made the team go
  • If you have Lv20 in excess of mana you like to spam, take 1.5 seconds to heal Shadow Poison, make sure 5 stacks are great easy. But if my team is in the form of massive damage, why not get the damage bonus for Soul Catcher
  • Lv25 optional. +500 damage to Demonic purge to “secure kill” dangerous objects, avoid dragging around to make them back up in time (buying Aghanims Scepter will hurt more). If the enemy team has eye-irritating ingredients in the teamfight, the extra 5 seconds banish for Disruption is enough to remove the “ass tingler” from the ring (7.5 seconds banish can’t be dispelled)

How To Play Shadow Demon

Shadow Demon

Early game

With a protected lane, if Shadow Demon ‘s lane teammates are heroes capable of causing good damage, you and that person can crush the enemy lane or take a kill early. However, with fragile health and too much armor, the most important thing for you is to choose a suitable standing position to minimize damage received when roaming or laning.

As a support lane, you deflect Shadow Poison a bit so you won’t kill your carry creeps, or at least don’t make it die, and the most important thing is to stick to the enemy champion if you only stack 3 points or less, Shadow Poison’s little damage is not much. During the entire game phase, you always have to follow the Town portal scroll to timely support your teammates.

Soul Catcher selects random target and the range of use and skill radius is quite large so you just stick to the enemy hero, this can be. This is easily done by capturing a Disruption cage and then by adding a Soul Catcher, 100% will stick because Soul Catcher can be attached to a subject being captured during Disruption.

There is a pretty important thing that is the stack camp, did you notice Shadow Poison has a very long-range? This helps you to stack 2 camps 1 at a time quite easily, mainly for your carry farm to supplement later or you can gradually stack up to later use Shadow Poison to eat the camp for gold because Shadow Demon already has to give the lane to carry farm.

Mid game

This is an extremely roam + gank stage when your team’s gankers have enough levels and basic equipment for ganking, and create space for your team to max farm, or go to that lane to help.

It pushes the lane, counter ganks if the enemy targets your carry team. Chaos combat is your chance to stack Shadow Poison with maximum effectiveness. Disruption on targets that have a lot of hand damage or strong effects on attacks (like burning mana, crit, …) to make the most of the damage or simply used to trigger or save in the field endangered. Pay attention to where you stand in the teamfight, lest it is capsized at any time.

Late game

In this stage, Shadow Demon goes with your teammates, fully plug wards, use Smoke of deceit to gank single targets or initiate the combat by surprise, creating conditions to end the game or push a line, forcing the opponent to def turret or teamfight.

When you have Aghanims Scepter you will be able to lock a total of 4 targets excluding other items if used properly (3 Ulti + 1 Disruption won’t lock 4 guys). The target in your total teamfight will usually be the initiators, carry the enemy, use Disruption to lock the enemy (usually initiators or carry) from them causing a disadvantage to your team in the teamfight, facilitating for the team to finish or forces the enemy team.