July 30, 2021


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How To Play Shadow Fiend In Nuker Position

Shadow Fiend

Shadow Fiend

Shadow Fiend, who collects souls, is one of the most beloved heroes in Dota 2 with a magnificent play but equally powerful. Possessing a skill set that not only has great early-game magic damage but even at the end of the game, the amount of physical damage and the ability to push his turret can not be criticized. This tutorial will focus on his massive magic damage ability, making him a true “mid lane mage”.

How To Play Shadow Fiend: Advantages/Disadvantages

 Shadow Fiend


  • The ability to deal terrorist magic damage at the beginning of the game, but hand damage is no fewer thanks to the extra damage from the Necromastery and aura minus the armor of the Presence of the Dark Lord.
  • Easy to farm thanks to the extra damage from the Necromastery and the ability to clear massive creeps with Shadowraze.
  • The ability to gank and participate in the early game team fights well.
  • Can farm quickly when the lane is not smooth.
  • Extremely mobile with high running speed, can move around the map thanks to Boots of Travel with extremely short cooldowns (Talent level 25 + Octarine core cooldown only 20.25 seconds).


  • Like the typical big brain: low on health, difficult to escape, if caught, it is determined that the blood must be dry.
  • The last hit at the beginning of the game was a problem for Shadow Fiend.
  • Shadowraze is powerful but relatively fiddly.
  • Meeting with Blade Mail kneels like other nukers.
  • Severely punished when dying.

Skill table for Shadow Fiend

 Shadow Fiend

Get the Necromastery at level 1 then focus on Shadowraze for Shadow Fiend to farm as well as kill the enemy in the game, then focus on the Necromastery. Ultimate gets at level 9 and on level onwards and Presence of the Dark Lord increased last.

  • LV10: + 8% Spell Amplification because you are the “Mage of the mid lane”. +20 Attack Speed ​​will not have the desired effect when the gameplay is focused on magic damage.
  • LV15: +30 Movement Speed ​​to deflect, choose an easier position in the teamfight. The Presence Aura Affects Building is only really useful when the version just wants to push the tower and do nothing else.
  • LV20: +150 Shadowraze Damage increases damage to your main killer tool. +2 Damage Per Soul is like the first talent will not have the desired effect with this gameplay.
  • LV25: 40% Cooldown Reduction significantly increases the amount of damage you can do in combat, reducing the cooldown time for important items and also means you will run out of mana faster.

How to play Shadow Fiend

 Shadow Fiend

Early game

No difference with traditional gameplay, go straight to mid and focus on accurate last hits / deny to be able to collect souls for the Necromastery to avoid worrying when you have a decent amount of hand damage. Shadowraze can be used at first if you are feeling a bit difficult. It is best to aim how Shadow Fiend can both kills creeps and deals damage to the opponent, however, keep enough mana for 2 Shadowraze.

Once you reach level 3 and have enough mana for minimum 2 Shadowraze you should call for help from your teammates, preferably someone who is able to hold the enemy back, to gank your mid opponent early.

With the support of your teammates, 2 Shadowraze, and a few hand attacks you have the ability to kill the enemy, although this gank is not successful, it can also threaten, pressure the enemy to create space early. Giving you souls so you can stay ahead of the farm and deny creeps to prevent the enemy from farming. Continue like that until you reach level 7 and get some basic items and then start ganking your teammates.

With Shadowraze’s massive magic damage early in the game (up to 1140 without magic resistance if all three hits) and overwhelming levels, thanks to mid, Shadow Fiend should try supporting gank safe lane to carry your team with space. Farm more items as needed. However, if you cannot find the target to gank, you should go to the forest to give the lane to the Support team to earn a level.

Mid game

Once Shadow Fiend has the Eul Scepter of Divinity and Blink Dagger, you should prioritize finding and destroying the core of the enemy team every time the Requiem of Souls is over.

With this combo, you first whirl the enemy and then blink right into the whirlwind position and time it to release Requiem of Souls, dealing massive damage up to 1440/2160/2880 magic damage to easily evaporate a target. (One trick for timing this combo is that as soon as the whirlwind comes up you immediately blink on and use a Shadowraze followed by the Requiem of Souls, but this way you will waste a Shadowraze sometimes needed to kill the enemy or deal with the situation that followed).

If he is not dead, then he should wave a few more shots. Note to check the enemy’s belongings first, if the enemy has blade mail and you still perform combos, then RIP.

Once you have Boots of Travel and you don’t have a target to gank or fight to join, you should push the lane to create space for your teammates with Shadowraze. Avoid single death when pushing a lane, even though your current running speed is very fast and with a blink, you will be very hard to catch but if you die alone you will lose half of the souls you have.

Late game

At this point you will find it harder to gank odd because the enemy has started to go together more often, it is better to go together and join the teamfight with the team. Although the ability to hit hard hands like the traditional gameplay, but the ability of Shadow Fiend to nuke very quickly, one goal in this game will help you easily evaporate an enemy Support team to create a human advantage in the fastest way.

Stop the combo when the teamfight uses Requiem of Souls as a tool to slow down, control the enemy team and reduce the enemy’s physical damage in the teamfight then use Shadowraze as the main tool to destroy the enemy.

In case your team is ganked and is losing to someone you are still alive, you should try to push the side lanes with Boots of Travel and Shadowraze.

Combined with Octarine Core and Talent Lv25, Boots of Travel now only has a short cooldown of 20 seconds, making it easy to move back and forth to many locations in a short time, making it difficult for the enemy to prepare to catch your cards. Remember to save the Buyback, even if you die will take half the souls, but it still hurts like usual.