July 28, 2021


Game CMD 368

How To Play Silencer In The Initiator Position – Semi Carry



The silencer is a hero with a powerful initiate breaking skill that is often used against a total team teamfight and is also a great semi-carry that is not inferior to pure carry.

Guide To Play Silencer – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • The best beginning stats and gain each level game (2.5 – 3 – 2.5 too much for a big brain hero)
  • The starting attack speed is quite good, easy to last hit / denied
  • Control lane is very annoying thanks to the low-mana skill set and super effects
  • Passive steals Int, making Silencer overpower more powerful if the game lasts longer
  • Initiate strong, completely shut off the enemy


  • Extremely lack of mobility, without any hard, disables (so being ganked is determined to die)
  • That’s just how pitiful it is, but the starting health isn’t very high
  • You must be at high levels to develop your power
  • All items build are expensive

Skill Table For Silencer


The last word is taken at level 1 and priority is maxed first to take damage and silence the enemy, take 2 Arcane curse points in the early game to control the lane and harass, the mid-game focuses on improving Glaives of Wisdom because there is no need to control lane. Also, even with the guys who know how to play, after getting curse, it won’t be spammy, 1 point Glaives of Wisdom to use the orb walk and then max 2nd, the Ultimate takes the right level

About Talent:

  • Lv10 takes +25 attack speed, the foundation of becoming a carry.
  • Lv15 taking a +2 int to hit the cable will enhance your brain-sucking and demeanor, not to mention that the talent also adds to you the greatest amount of damage, especially when your team consists of heroes who are passionate about fighting, enriched in the flesh of others.
  • Lv 20 when 30 damage from the Arcane curse doesn’t get fat, then 125 attack range makes a big difference.
  • Lv25 in the case of 2s Global silence doesn’t make a difference with dozens of buffed enemy items, it’s clear that 20% damage to Glaives of Wisdom will cause your opponent to collapse quickly.

How To Play Silencer

Early game

At the beginning of the game, nothing special went to mid.

The Silencer ‘s main job is still the last hit / denied in this period. To control the lane effectively, you can build the enemy’s health with the orb walk from Glaives of Wisdom, buff the Arcane curse if the enemy in the same lane is a spam-type hero (especially the ones like Zeus, ​​Invoker, Skywrath Mage. , …) not allow the enemy to farm safely.

Just grafting is fine, if the enemy still tries to kill, you can completely kill by buffing the Last word, slow click, and then the orb walk with Glaives of Wisdom.

Don’t push the creeps too high or the roamer enemy will ask for health. Check runes regularly to be able to benefit, on the other hand also for the enemy to not take advantage of, especially with some guys who buy Bottle to go lane.

When you reach level 6, keep an eye on the map so you can support your team with Global Silence. In general, people remember this bad guy just because of his Ulti (that’s heartbreaking, I see those skills are also very bad but few people care)

Mid game

This phase should begin to strike a balance between farming and ganking. Because Silencer ‘s minion ability is poor, it’s best to take your butt to gank with your team’s roamer, farming is just taking advantage. When there is a fight, immediately use the Arcane curse first and then comment on the situation, if the enemy possesses dangerous skills, add the Last word to the one who possesses that skill and then drag the team to kill them. Farm quickly to equal the Force Staff to increase mobility, cover (or squeeze) the team if needed.

Note at this stage when using ultimate Global silence: this is your tool to initiate, but it is very special compared to other initiate skills: only silences, so want to use this skill. effectively, you have to wait, note, WAIT for the enemy to initiate a fight first, especially with the initiators getting a Blink dagger when they see them they put Blink dagger in the middle of your team, up to 96.69% They will use their initiator, then quickly press R.

This is light but the salary is high, after pressing R, the enemy initiator team is the same as the fish lying on the chopping board, you and your team just go to hell. while his comrades behind him watched him get rape and couldn’t help it.

There, the art of it is there in order for this to be successful, scream for the support of the team with full eyes and nose to ensure vision. Screaming combat is also the land to use martial arts for you to earn more Int for “smarter”, from here on, the application of a deceitful policy on the enemy begins.

Late game

At this stage, you can go solo or join team fights with the team because Global Silence can support from a long distance, but with your level of danger, the enemy will always look at where you are to be upfront. So with the safety of both your team and yourself, just stick with them and go with them, stand a bit away from the team, don’t let the enemy initiator see your face.

When a teamfight breaks out, you just need to make your Ulti at the right time, the rest is for the team to take care of.

If Silencer is too powerful then stand up and fight like a real carry (weak ones can’t stand more than 5 shots of your boomerang right now), the way to use the ultimate is as mentioned above: used to destroy enemy initiator was also to help the team defeat it quickly and quickly without resistance, taking advantage of the teamfight. Before a teamfight, you can use the Arcane curse to configure the enemy team and Last word to block nasty targets.