July 30, 2021


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How To Play Slardar Dota 2 The Most Efficiency



Surely the Dota 2 players are too familiar with the sea warrior Slardar a hero with great physical damage and the ability to eliminate enemy armor is considered the top of Dota 2.

It is these things that make this hero the No. 1 hero for the fragile heroes or the unskilled heroes that help flee and dodge skills in combat. So, what is an effective way to play him that can bring out the full strength of this hero? Find out in the following article.

Assess the power of Slardar through stats and skills


In order to have a good way to play this hero and promote its full strength, we need to accurately assess the strength, his advantages, and disadvantages in order to have a suitable game. First of all, Slardar owns impressive indicators namely:

  • Strength: 21 increased by 2.8 for each level. Agility: 17 increased by 2.4 for each level. Intelligence: 15 increased by 1.5 for each level.
  • Health: level 1: 549; level 25: 2202. Energy: level 1: 197; level 25: 923. Dame: 51-59 / 138-148. Armor: level 1: 5.38; level 25: 16 24. Movement speed: 300. Melee champions.

As such, we can easily see that the level 1 armor is 5.38 along with impressive strength and agility, which makes him extremely resistant and move in combat extremely well. However, with a base power of 197, you need to calculate carefully when using the skill.

Slardar possesses the following skills:


Sprint: After using this hero, increase your movement speed by 20/28/36/44% respectively according to skill level. However, he now also has to deal an additional 15% damage. This ability is effective for 16 seconds and the cooldown is 23 seconds. Especially this technique does not consume energy.

Thus, with this skill, he can chase enemy champions as well as runaway quite effectively. Moreover, with no energy consumption, he can use this skill freely but also need to note 15% of the increased damage.

Slithereen Crush: when using th hero will stomp the ground very hard, causing all enemies in the surrounding to suffer damage and stun effects. After being stunned, the victims are slowed down and their attack speed is reduced for 2 more seconds.

Skill Range: 350. Damage caused by 50/100/150/200 according to 4 levels of skill. Stun duration is: 1.6 / 1.9 / 2.2 / 2.5s according to 4 levels of attack. Attack speed reduced by 20. Energy consumed in turn is 80/95/105/115 according to 4 levels of attack. Cooldown is 8s. This is a technique to help deal damage and keep the enemy effective.

The two remaining skills

Bash: when using Slardar, increase stun rate, and deal more damage.

  • Stun ratio increased by 10/15/20/25% respectively on 4 skill levels
  • The damage can be increased in turn is: 60/80/100/120
  • Stun duration for enemy champions is 1 second
  • Stun duration if creeps hit by 2 seconds

With this skill, when his resistance increases, he can spin in the fight longer, the stun and damage done by this champion are very significant, which can affect the outcome of the interface very much. big

Amplify Damege: when using this champion, it is cursing an enemy champion that reveals his vision and reduces the enemy’s armor.

  • Range: 700
  • The amount of armor deducted is 10/15/20 according to 3 levels of attack.
  • Time used: 25s.
  • Cooldown: 5s.
  • Energy used: 25.

With a short cooldown, this ability can be used continuously to check visibility as well as reduce armor.

How to increase the skills of Slardart

  • Sprint: 2/12/13/14
  • Slitherine crush: 1/3/5/7
  • Bash skill: 4/8/9/10
  • Amplify damege: 6/11/16. Stats: 15/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/24
  • So the second skill needs to increase early to stun and damage, the next bash, ultimate increase level right, and sprint ability maximum after.

Gameplay and build for Slardar Dota 2

About items you can refer to the following:

  • Early in the game to buy Stout Shield to increase stamina then try to Blink Dagger very soon
  • In the middle of the game power Tread shoes, then buy Vanguard to increase resilience and complete Crimson Guard if possible. Hold the Magic wand to gain more energy.
  • At the end of the game, be resistant and add some damage. Good choices are the Black king bar, the Assault Cuirass or the Desolator

About the gameplay for Slardar:

  • At the beginning of the game, try to hug the farm to limit the fighting to get up early Blink dagger. Only fight if you win the road or are supported by teammates
  • When fighting, try to approach using Slithereen Crush
  • Before the total combat, it is necessary to use the ultimate on 3 new enemy heroes and their teammates
  • Try to use your ultimate to check the position of the enemy champion
  • Use ultimate on stealthy champions to set up fights