July 30, 2021


Game CMD 368

How To Play Slardar In Initiator, Ganker And Semi Carry Position



Slardar, the god of the sea, an extremely combatant warrior with the ability to blow away enemy armor and destroy them with powerful physical attacks.

Guide To Play Slardar – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Extensive Stun Slithereen Crush helps to gank and initiate good combat
  • Corrosive Haze – minus the strongest armor in the game – devastates the Tanker and combines with the physical damage formation, in addition to giving True Sight to prevent dodging and stealth
  • Guardian Sprint gives fast chasing and escaping speed, a rarity in slow tankers
  • High HP easy to live, flexible build style, easy to play, easy to win, suitable for new players


  • No damage other than physical damage, which means that item Ghost scepter, immune to physical skills like Cold embrace, Guardian angel will make it difficult for Slardar
  • Corrosive Haze is not too strong a buff, easily solved by many items and skills
  • Sometimes using Guardian Sprint will cause you to take more damage and easily die in combat

Skill Table For Slardar


Just take 1 point Guardian Sprint in the first phase to get speed chase. Slithereen Crush needs to be taken early and maxed first for stronger damage and longer stun duration. Then maxed Bash of the Deep to add power to his attacks, also to break channeling and hold opponents. Corrosive Haze gets the correct level and stats will be taken last

About Talent:

At level 10, we will get + 5hp regen / s so we don’t have to go home much after the battles, fighting continuously. However, if you are given the task of farming, choose 20 damage.

At level 15 we can choose between taking Bash of the Deep 100 damage if the game goes smoothly and you want to aim to be a carry or 300 health to be a little stronger if the enemy has a lot of strong shock damage.

Level 20 night vision up to 1000 is great for ganking but 50 attack speed will help a lot for you to save gold on a great late game.

Level 25 is optional, if you are the team’s main damage then take + 15% Bash of the Deep rate to keep the enemy from stirring. If you play the role of Initiator / Tanker cum physical damage, the Corrosive Haze that cannot be disarmed will make you an indispensable partner of the real hard carry.

How To Play Slardar


Early game

Starting off solo offlaner, you can go with another hero but stick to the offlaner because this lane is easy to roam, you will have a lot of pressure. Slardar starts off very well, base damage is high, health is relatively large, armor is high, and has Slithereen Crush and Guardian Sprint to escape when needed.

However, in fact, the 3-person ganks are aimed at the offlaner, the survival rate will not be much because they have the same skill as you, but they do not fight? So the best way to ensure your safety is to look at the map and the opponent’s movements. Let Creep pull down to the tower to the last hit, sometimes hit each one, and then use Slithereen Crush to eat the whole swarm.

Although a little pressure, but thanks to the superior exp increase rest assured that you will reach level 6 quite quickly, at this time just spam Corrosive Haze for it to be afraid to have farm land (say that, 25 mana will also pull the mana pool poverty down to the point where there is no mana that stun). When you leave the lane to roam, ask a support trilane or a young jungler to stick to the lane to prevent it from being exposed.

Mid game

Immediately after having Blink dagger go gank right away without hesitation, without any seconds the team will lose that second. An extremely aggressive ganker with Blink dagger like a tiger that grows wings, very well combined with a physical damage lineup, Slardar quickly weeds every target, even the most powerful Tankers with Corrosive Haze.

This is an extremely effective skill with only 25 mana, minus a lot of armor (the skill minus the most armor in the game), and also gives the vision against forest juke (the crew hide sight around the trees), prevent invisibility. (extremely suitable to counter heroes like Riki, Bounty Hunter, …).

Not only is it effective for hand attacks, but it also makes Slithereen Crush a lot more painful as it is a physical damage skill. In teamfights make sure you stun 2 or more enemy heroes including 1 Carry and subtract the armor from the Carry. In cases where the Offlaner of the enemy team is buffalo and annoying, the Corrosive Haze will be favored first (sizes Timbersaw, Bristleback, Ax).

Just remember one thing, Guardian Sprint when turned on will make you much thinner because there is a 15% increase in the bonus damage, pay attention to only use it when the teamfight is over and the moment to chase the remaining enemies to escape.

Late game

Slardar in every stage is always a very important ingredient in battle. Regardless of whether he has items or not, Corrosive Haze is an extremely effective late game in turning the opponent into vermicelli and is fully exploited by the Carry damage hands. Furniture is also second only so important that you need to initiate a fight at the right time. Your requirement this time will be higher when you have to stun 3 or more heroes to be able to open fire.

For more convenience, spam Corrosive Haze on the head of all 5 guys to team it to get vision. Money is just to buy back, and avoid unnecessary bullshit because you are so important. This is a hero that is easy to play and powerful and is very popular in professional play.