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How To Play Slark – One Of The Most Portable Heroes In Dota



Dota 2 is a game for heroes with good looks and great power. The skill system of those heroes will please you. Slark Dota 2 is also one of those badass heroes.

How to play Slark one of the most portable heroes in Dota


For the character system in Dota 2, you will need a lot of time to be able to get to know all the heroes. Every season, there are new heroes updated, refreshed, or completely changed the gameplay. This is the reason that Dota 2 attracts so many players in such a short time. Gamers will never get bored with Dota 2’s character designs. For each character, there are different skill designs, gameplay, and items. Each hero will suit the different situations and positions in the team. For heroes like Slark, it does not stop at the best ganker concept but can develop in many other ways.

This hero can be considered to have very fast movement speed, hidden ability, and speed of destroying enemy teams. For some players, this is an innate assassin with very effective single-hit tactics. Most players who choose him often try to build items for this hero to optimize damage to his skills. That is why very few rivals can compare with him in solo. Let’s analyze the pros and cons of this hero’s gameplay!

Advantages of playing Slark


For certain play tactics, he can flexibly switch to become more suited to the tempo of the match. Once you pick Slark, you must also note the following to promote the strength of this hero:

Taking advantage of his inherent movement speed to gank the game lanes. This is the way that many players often apply. They built items for him to make this hero as mobile as possible. The element of surprise from his movement always surprises the enemy. He can move through lanes in a very short time. He counter-ganks are also the focus of some highlights in Dota 2.

He is a pretty strong hero, he can build in late-game quite well. If you are a patient gamer, then in such a situation that is forced. You need to farm patiently, wait for yourself to have enough items, and play the late game aggressively.

Besides the level of cattle from his personal point and the advantages derived from the movement speed. He is also an annoying opponent because of the extremely high regen speed. You can go for a walk and heal at the same time. Soon you have enough blood to continue ganking and bringing back the lives for your teammates. This is also one of the advantages exploited quite a lot when playing him. You should consider items that have a higher maximum healing speed for him.

The weaknesses should be overcome

Despite being a strong general in the late game, he relies heavily on items. You should note the following points when using this champion:

Avoid losing creeps or dropping levels compared to enemy champions. This is his biggest weakness. He is easy to swallow, even if he is a champion with great skills. But once Slark was poked, it was difficult to keep up with the pace of the game.

Avoid attacking enemies without Util. If you are a regular player using this hero, you will also know how much your champion needs Util. Most of the gank finishes, start with Util. This is a skill that creates a surprise as well as deals the main damage.

Besides the above points, he is also a hero with a very slow farming speed. It is not because he has low damage or his skills are not strong, but because he has a slow attack speed that makes the last hits on creeps quite late. You need a lot of practice to get used to the attack speed that he has. If you are used to this speed, your game will be faster and more accurate.

The last point about his weakness is that he desperately needs the coordination of his teammates. If solo, he is quite strong, but if the team fights are great, Slark needs to be able to promote his ability.