July 30, 2021


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How To Play Storm Spirit In Ganker, Nuker, Initiator And Carry Position

Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit – The soul of the storm, is one of the most mobile heroes in the world of Dota 2 when it comes to any battle at any distance.

How To Play Storm Spirit – Advantages / Disadvantages

Storm Spirit


  • He is very funny and humorous
  • Very fast cooldown skillset (Ball Lightning doesn’t even have a cooldown)
  • Most mobile movement Dota 2 (no range limit)
  • Catching heroes is very effective with disables and strong nuke damage
  • The farm is relatively fast


  • Low on health
  • It takes a lot of items to be able to rage due to dependence on mana
  • Silence / disables stick is dead
  • At the beginning of the game, there is nothing to crush the lane or control the lane so it’s easy to play

Skill Table For Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit

Please max out Static remnant first, it is Storm Spirit ‘s main damage tool as well as helps Storm farm quite well. Overload will be maxed next because with a Static remnant and Ball lightning it can be incredibly annoying. The Electric Vortex used to be used in parallel with the Static remnant for easy catching, but now just takes 1 point to destroy the telephoto and other annoying Channeling spells. Ball lightning is at the correct level

About Talent:

  • Level 10 regen +2 mana gives you a stable amount of mana recovery to spam skills after each teamfight. +20 damage? Storm Spirit has a huge source of damage from his skill set so these 20 small damage is not necessary
  • Level 15 gives +300 health to help you buff up when ironing straight into the enemy formation. The 80 damage from Static remnant still can’t compare to your survival
  • At Level 20, if you need to hold the enemy for longer then 0.5s of the root is the right choice. The +30 attack speed is not too necessary when Storm Spirit is a Spell Caster, his attacks are only used to activate Overload.
  • Level 25 Overload resistance penetration will help you counter all heroes with Black King Bar, but for many people, its effect is only short 5 seconds, the ability to create Remnants with is a great tool to fight chase and def house.

How To Play Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit

Early game

At the beginning of the game, you should go mid. The storm is a Hero Carry Intelligence model that needs leveling and gear, so it is a priority. Otherwise, you should quietly report and trash talk. It’s really lucky if you last hit it well and smell the EXP, he doesn’t have terrible lane suppression like TA, SF or Alchemist, only a defensive weapon is a Static remnant.

You can use it to last hit about 2 3 Creeps if you have difficulty breathing. Static remnants can also be cast on the hill to get high sight, pay attention to the angle so that enemy creeps cannot approach. Do you want to harass the other person? Last hit with a Static remnant and finished punching the enemy with Overload, it was annoying.

Every attempt to gank should not be done before level 6 (with Ball lightning) and actually you won’t die for a while in mid after level 6. You should also observe the map carefully because when he is whipped he is very easy to sleep garlic (slow speed, no Ulti, blood paper, etc …)

Mid game

You’ve got Ball lightning, a trademark of Storm Spirit. But don’t be in a hurry, it is not a Blink free mana, Ball lightning uses “gasoline” with your own mana! You will find that at early levels he flies a little and doesn’t have any mana left. This is because Icefrog has painfully nerfed this hero in version 6.86, where he was once raging fiercely. Now, if you want to fly freely, you have to pay, buy lots of items that provide “electricity and water” mana.

With Level 1 Ball lightning, it is best to use it to escape because it is very easy to make him in a state of not going to the market and the money is gone. During this period you can still savor the lane a little, farm the stacks created by Support for you, and sometimes gank to make money, but try to align the distance and mana properly.

Storm very often falls into a state of paralysis, which is a great opportunity for the enemy to be with him – the Anti-Mage, ending Storm’s life. In addition, he is very bloody and slow without Ball lightning, flying straight into the enemy team to play is a careful consideration because once you get stuck, there is no way out.

Late game

Now you can be a superman. Ball Lightning, though nerfed, with enough items in hand you can completely travel a relatively long distance (about the size from the Tier 4 tower (the Ancient side) to the mid-tier 1 tower with terror damage).

Even so, it should not be desirable because it is just a mistake (the Black King Bar expires, mana will suddenly run out, eat Silence, …) and they will focus on death. Just die and the team is very disadvantaged and your Bloodstone will spend a little more charge to be able to recover. As a Carry with a lot of frequency in teamfights and skills, use the full strength of Storm Spirit to bring victory.