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How To Play Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Switch is one of the indispensable game masterpieces in your collection, especially when you are a Nintendo fan. However, not everyone is familiar with the fighting game. If you are new to playing, approaching this genre, here are the basic, useful things you need to know when fighting.

How To Play Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Switch?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

In Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Switch, your goal is to knock down the opponent! Stuff the opponent up and then try to knock them off the ring. The more heavily injured a fighter is (shown by the% next to the character avatar), the further it flies. If the person who was knocked away is unfortunate, then do not give up, try to return to the ring, and continue to fight.

But How To Throw They Fly?

By pressing the A button, your gladiator will perform basic attacks, such as punching. It is not monumental, but every attack counts damage, accumulating a small city. If you quickly push the analog stick in a certain direction and press A, it will launch a stronger attack, called Smash Attack. These attacks can send enemies into the air.

What Fighter Should I Choose?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

You probably realize that the game has a lot of characters. Some of them you may know, some not. If you are a new player, a good way for you to get acquainted with the game is to choose familiar faces like Mario or Kirby to try first, because these two characters are also more basic control. And then slowly they will expand to many other characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses to explore.

Are They Different?

Yes, very different. The B button is used to perform special moves, and these moves have a huge difference between characters. The way to launch moves is simple: just move the analog stick in one of the four directions up, down, left and right and press the B button.

What Is Item?

Some players like to play without items appearing on the field, and that’s perfectly normal. However, if you want to add a bit of madness to your game, you can try to open the items that appear. Random items will drop from the sky and bring different effects when gladiators pick and use. For example, a Black Hole when thrown can attract gladiators and items. Or Banana Gun can shoot, then Bullet Bill … Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a huge number of items, bringing many surprises, making the game more fun.

What Is About The Floor?

Not only does the new item bring surprises to the fight, but the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Switch arena also contributes to many bad situations. The game stages in the game are mostly you can change type, ie will change the structure in the middle of the game, or sometimes more guests appear. Will you manage well with the situations that the game brings?

Directional Air Dodge – Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The main goal is to send the opponent flying, so of course, the opponent will try to do this to you as well. So, Directional Air Dodge is very important. While in the air (the vacuum touches the floor), you can press the support button and move the analog stick in different directions to dodge the attack in that direction.

Short-Hop Attack – Super Smash Bros Ultimate

You can unleash the basic attack with the A button and additionally press the jump button at the same time to let the fighter flinch to a short distance and attack in the air, look very eye-catching.

Perfect Shield – Super Smash Bros Ultimate

When defending, you can try to release the “shield” button at the right moment before being hit by the opponent’s attack to create the perfect blow. Why call it perfect? Because this technique helps you completely eliminate the damage from the opponent’s skill … But the most important thing is to watch the right time, this is hard, not easy.

Differential On Damage – Super Smash Bros Ultimate

If fighting 1-on-1, you will deal and take more damage than when fighting in groups of 3 or more. The chaos of Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Switch matches will make them even more dramatic when you only aim at one goal.

Who Is The Top?

Gladiators with the most points will sometimes flash in a short time in the credit match. Watch the gladiators like that and act fast to gain the advantage.