April 21, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Alibi



While Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege disorientates or blows away opponents for sure, it’s even more interesting to confuse them with their identity and position. Alibi is essentially a mobile home of mirrors, so our guide will detail how best to use her abilities and her arsenal.

Alibi operator guide


Alibi is a fast, lightweight armored operator with flexibility. Her strong speed and load capacity make her an effective wanderer, however, her gadgets can also benefit anchoring and objective play.

Alibi’s Stats

  • Armor: 1
  • Speed: 3

Weapon Loadouts

Her main SMG, Mx4 Storm is a simple, stable weapon with a high rate of fire. It’s very effective in a shootout and has a bunch of modification options; All things are available, except for an ACOG scene. Her other main gun, the ACS12, is Rainbow Six: Siege’s only fully automatic pistol. It is extremely effective at destroying soft but very weak surfaces and is not capable of the gunfight.

Pair the Mx4 Storm with the second Bailiff 410 shotgun, which can be used to create large and fast killer holes for your Prisma positions.

Her load is rounded off with a Deployable Impact Grenade or Shield. A shield can be paired well with Prisma’s, to hide the base of the projection and prevent attackers from directly destroying it.

Low-profile modifications like the handle or barrel attachment can still trick enemies into thinking the Alibi is a hologram, however, weapon skins, lasers, and point of view will all help you to see clearly. Who is real, so please choose your custom carefully.


She is equipped with 3 Prisma’s can be deployed; her own hologram, which she can use to deceive and confuse enemy operators, and gather information for the defending team. Prisma’s take the form of small, thrown balls that have to be deployed on a flat, even surface, with enough room to project her hologram version.

Prisma projects only a single Alibi version – default uniform and helmet, in a standing position with an unmodified Mx4 main weapon equipped – no matter what utensils and cosmetics she’s equipped with.

She really swayed and moved slightly as she breathed, a trait that is not present in the hologram.

When the attacker interacts with Prisma in any way, the hologram will visually stutter to make it clear that it is a fake, then proceed to identify and locate the attacker, giving 5 pings Quickly show the defensive team to show attackers’ position updates.

The following is a list of ways an attacker can get Prisma to identify them;

  • Shooting the projection
  • Driving drones through projection (including Shock Drone)
  • Close-up attack projection
  • Physically move through the slide
  • Throw grenades or drones through projections
  • Activate a widget via a slideshow (such as Breaching Round, Crossbow Bolt, or X-Kairos)

Skill of Alibi


The abilities of Alibi have a lot of potential for silly mischief. You get some hologram that you can deploy, if they are shot by an enemy will tag them. This means you can set up a mirrored room scenario where only one standing is real. You can also place yourself on top of one of your holograms to hide in conspicuous view.