April 21, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Melusi



Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave has introduced a powerful new defender with a unique utility that prevents attackers from spying on them. Banshee Sonic Defense of Melusi is a device that can deploy to emit loud sounds and slow enemies when they enter the affected area. She is also a quick guard that allows her to eliminate enemies trapped in her various traps.

Here’s a breakdown of her add-ons, load times, and play style.

Unique Ability of Melusi


Melusi is equipped with 3 Banshee Sonic Defense traps that can be deployed on walls and also floors. The device activates when an enemy is in its line of sight and emits a loud noise that slows and disorientes the player.

Players caught in traps are very vulnerable because their movement is slowed down until they either leave the area or destroy the trap. However, the device is bulletproof, so attackers will have to use explosives or melee to destroy it. This usually provides enough time for her or another defender to get rid of a slow enemy.

She can deploy three devices to cover several entrances around the map, which will alert the defenders of the enemy’s location. Even if the enemy exits the trap before being killed, the defending team will have information about the enemy’s movements and can plan accordingly.

Banshee Sonic Defense also works between floors as long as there is a clear vision, so try and get creative with your positions.

Loadout of Melusi

She can choose between a T-5 SMG or a Super 90 shotgun as his primary weapon.

The T-5 SMG is a deadly weapon in close-range. The player can shoot enemies if they are close enough for an easy kill or shoot in waves at longer ranges. The weapon has recoil, but the player can learn to spray and control it over time.

The Super 90 shotgun is a powerful weapon perfect for melee combat. This weapon can quickly remove players caught in the Banshee Sonic Defense trap and can also quickly break walls. However, the Super 90 shotgun won’t compete with rifles at a long distance, so choose your battle wisely.

Melusi has an RG15 pistol as a secondary weapon. The player can equip a viewfinder for the pistol for better accuracy in gun battles or when out of ammo.

She can also choose Nitro Cell or Impact grenade as her tool that will be lethal when combined with her traps.


She is a controller of a three-speed armor with one of the most powerful equipment in the game.

Sonic Banshee Defense traps provide information about an enemy’s movement and leave them vulnerable for a considerable amount of time. Melusi players should try to get rid of trapped enemies when possible as they are at a disadvantage.

Players are slowed when affected by traps, but their sensitivity is not affected and can still return fire. Don’t rush for enemy players to kill for free.

The player can also use her nitro cell or grenade to strike enemies caught in one of her traps for easy destruction. Nitro cells are inherently unavoidable, and a slower rate means there is little hope for survival.


Sonic Banshee Defense can also be placed in open areas where she can observe from afar. Traps work similarly to Lesion’s GU Mines when they warn players when enemies enter an area and slow them down. She can lurk in a safe area until they hear the trap trigger and rush out to kill it with ease.

Traps cover a large area around them, so be sure to position them to avoid unnecessary overlap.