April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Mozzie



drone thieves of Mozzie have been making it difficult for any attacking team in the Rainbow Six Siege over the past few weeks and more have been unearthed about the new defender in Year 4 Season 1. Several You might want to know how to beat him, so this guide goes through all you need to know about this handlebar mobile operator.

With our effective use of our Rainbow Six Siege guide center, you can get his most out of it. He’s a bit of a picky character to use and while his drone control is fun, it’s not the only thing this rider-haired guy has to offer.

Mozzie operator guide


His versatile toolkit and utility make him efficient in almost any role. Basically, he excels at providing new information to the team while also denying information from the enemy. As Mozzie can hack some drones, he can be played as a Valkyrie or Echo, find useful locations for cameras, or drive around the map to spot enemies.

Mozzie’s Stats

  • Armor: 2
  • Speed: 2

Weapon Loadouts

His payload is optimized for flexibility. His Commando 9 is an assault rifle, a rare defense gun shared with Jager’s 416-C Carbine, making it more powerful than most defensive weapons. Its rate of fire is quite low, but this makes it possible to control recoil. The P10 Roni’s high rate of fire gives it high lethality, but its extremely small power makes the Mozzie vulnerable to frequent ammo changes.

His SDP 9MM handgun is a reliable, high-damage secondary shotgun, but a more handy pairing is his Super Shorty sub-shotgun. Its three-round capability and extremely limited range make it unsuitable in combat, but it excels at opening killer holes or hatches.


He is equipped with a custom slingshot called the Pest Launcher, which can be used to shoot small robots called Pest. Each of his three Pests can attach to any surface and has a small activation radius. When an enemy drone flies into its radius, the pest will automatically crash into the drone and attack it, elevating control of the drone from the attacker and Give it to him.

The attacker’s drone will see a warning icon and sound when it is near the Pest, giving it a chance to avoid being caught. He can also hack drones by shooting them directly with Pest, without giving out a warning before the plane is attacked.

After hacking a drone, Pest collapses on its own and Mozzie is able to fly the drone for the rest of the round. The strike of a drone changed from a regular yellow light to blue light, meaning it now belongs to the guardians. Any defender is visible through the hijacked drone camera, but only he can fly them.

Skill of Mozzie


Pest Launcher is a skill that causes drones to rethink about recklessly entering an enemy base. Mozzie has three of them that he can launch, and while you can pick them up if needed, they should really be kept in private places.

You can also shoot them directly at the drone, but it can be quite difficult to hit. The drone will also be able to take over drones thrown into rooms, so you won’t have to move around when it’s deployed.

Once it has captured a drone, you will no longer suffer from that pest, but the drone is completely controllable by players.

This is indicated by a small blue pulse on HUD’s. Your team will be able to see it from anywhere when the drone is highlighted. If you die, you can even look at the drone’s camera, but in the same way, the attackers do if they die, you can’t move it.

If you’re on the strike team, you can tell if it has been taken over by Mozzie by looking at the drone with a green light above it, but this only appears if he is looking over the plane. the driver.

Enemy teams get a bit of an advanced warning if they are about to wander into an area with pests lurking nearby thanks to the red triangle above the compass. The drone cannot leave the map, however, the attackers do not regain control of the drone.