April 21, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Vigil



As one of Tom Clancy’s more sneaky agents of Rainbow Six Siege, Vigil aims to have a few shots of himself on camera as possible. He does this with a camouflaged form that makes him invisible to cameras and drones. A recent update also gives him immunity to a rather annoying operator.

His stealth gear can be great for not being seen by cameras and drones, but he also has some good primary weapons.

Vigil operator guide


Vigil is a strong man; which means he is best suited for direct combat with the attacking team. His utility from the ERC-7 doesn’t offer any other defender any benefits, so he can play as a lone wanderer or as an objective anchor.

Vigil’s Stats

  • Armor: 1
  • Speed: 3

Weapon Loadouts

BOSG is the only powerful weapon in Rainbow Six: Siege, with a whopping 125 damage per shot. However, the ability to shoot 2 times means that is impractical in most situations. The K1A is a more reliable and serviceable weapon that is preferred in most situations.

Both of his sub-weapons are fully automatic machine guns. The C75 is much easier to handle than the SMG-12 but doesn’t come equipped with a viewfinder, unlike its counterpart. However, the superior damage – even when under control – and the better recoil make it a better thing, especially if you’re looking at BOSG as key.

If acting like a tramp and a spoiler, the impact grenade can help you get around the map and prepare some good swing holes.


The Vigil is equipped with a watch device called the Electronic Rendering Cloak (or simply a cape). When in operation, his cloak allows him to automatically scan his image from any video surveillance device, such as a drone and camera. When hidden from the drone, the color of the lights displayed on it turns white.

The ERC-7 can be activated at will by the Vigil, but runs in a short-timer, recharging after use. There is no time limit, or the number of uses, that he can exceed its capabilities. Firing a weapon, performing a melee attack, or interacting with the environment (eg a door barrier) will automatically disable the cloak.

Protection team Intel devices, such as default cameras, hijacked drones, or deployable cameras – Bulletproof, Evil Eye, Black Eye, etc. – concealed Alert can still be seen. This is helpful so your teammates can still annotate and follow him.

The attack drone was only alerted to the presence of Vignette with on-screen effects slightly distorting the camera feed as soon as he was in its line of sight. This effect also shifts to all defensive feeds, such as the cameras mentioned above, when Dokkaebi has hacked the defender’s camera; but only when viewed by an attacker.

Skill of Vigil


The electronic Rendering Cloak (ERC-7) of Vigil makes him a nightmare trying to find him with a drone or camera. His ability is rechargeable and lasts for quite a long time, but has a relatively long recharge time if fully depleted. There are gifts for his place as the drone will shimmer when he is nearby and even beep quietly if he is within 4 meters from the drone. His ability can also be countered by certain operators, with IQ being an exceptionally efficient counter.