July 28, 2021


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How To Play Timbersaw As Tanker, Nuker, And Semi Carry



Timbersaw, the logger of the world of Dota 2, brings the carnage to both trees and people thanks to the scary chainsaw skill, causing a lot of casualties in skirmishes.

Guide To Play Timbersaw – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Is the only Hero in Dota 2 to have a pure damage skillset
  • The skill has a very fast cooldown, causing damage to constantly sweep the enemy formation
  • Maneuverable, unpredictable flying with Timber chain
  • Strong Tank at late game, save a lot of damage in combat thanks to Reactive armor


  • The early game is relatively weak (Strength gain is low, Armor starts at 0), so it is easy to be beaten up
  • The skillset is difficult to use and depends on many objective factors (depends a lot on the angle to use the skill, depends a lot on the terrain of the fight with many trees or flat land, …), not to mention consuming a lot of mana.
  • Although difficult to die, but locked skill (Silence) is just like a big creep.
  • Hypersensitivity to magic damage components in general

Skill Table For Timbersaw


Simply, max out Reactive armor to bog down your lane, take advantage of your massive armor and regen early, and create space for you to farm. Next is the Timber chain to take damage, the range to help you escape, approaching the combat more dynamically. Whirling death will also be promoted after Timber Chain in the form of 2 Whirling Death and 3 Chain points because its importance is not as great as the other 2 skills. Ultimate naturally took the right level

About Talent:

  • Level 10 takes 6% magic damage, making Timber more dangerous. But if it is level, then take 25% exp to rush level because Timbersaw quite needs level
  • Level 15 100 damage at this stage is not as effective as 5 armor for Reactive armor, Timber’s damage comes from a skill that is not like semi carry
  • Level 20 takes 15 Strength for more hardware to tank in combat, but a 10% CD reduction is not a bad choice if you are too strong.
  • Level 25 + 8% Whirling Death reduces stats that are quite difficult to apply, basically it will reduce enemy base damage by 21% to give you better resistance but this ability is useless against enemy heroes attacking with skills or skills that help attacks create special effects, not to mention to be effective you need to hit all the enemies. So you might consider getting 1,400 long-range to swing a rope-like Tarzan in case you hit the saw without hitting anyone.

How To Play Timbersaw

Early game

You start off by going offlaner (of course you can also carry this sniper mid under the new meta of the magic gosu). Going Offlane, you will determine that it is very difficult to breathe because long-sleeved Support, they constantly disturb while the Carry team it last hit each child can not stop. With peace of mind, you will have a Carry team that can handle it, and your task is to keep your life well.

With about 1 2 points of Reactive armor, you can completely stay on the lane in the following way: every time you lose blood, drive creeps to nearby towers and then hit Attack on any enemy Hero on the map, combined with the key S (stop command) lets the enraged creeps attack you. A whole herd of creeps hit 1 each and you will have about 5 stacks of Reactive armor at level 1, which means an additional 7.5 HP regen, which is more than the effect of a Tango.

You will not have to run into regen very often if you do this. However, you should not be too aggressive. Remember, it only adds armor for you, not magic resistance -> Encounter damage to power failure

Make sure the Timber chain gets a few points before mid-game because at the first level it is very short, just like the stuff in pants (don’t figure it out). But about 3 points is enough to fight. Practice with a lot of Timbersaw to estimate the range for Timber chain, if you hover the mouse completely over the tree to use scissors it will take more time than you have enough range available to where you need it and only target at a close range in front of you.

Mid game


During the mid-game, small team battles broke out incessantly everywhere. And if the battlefield is a jungle, then Timbersaw will be the master with a skill set with interacting with trees to deal great damage. Gank this hero in the jungle is also a serious mistake because he can magically spin and kill any member, of course with a little item in hand, and great skill.

Besides the Timber chain, Chakram also needs to practice a lot to be able to master it. The first is that it flies quite slowly and the throw range is not very far, so it is difficult to hit if you do not close the distance from the head or do not predict the enemy’s path. Second is that in addition to the second damage while standing still, the saw blade will also instantly burst damage on enemies along the way when thrown or retrieved, thus calculating the damage for Chakram in burst damage or hitting the enemy. The DPS method also needs to be calculated.

Also, the longer the enemy is standing in the saw blade will get bogged down because of the extremely strong movement speed reduction, ask your teammates to hold them off for as long as possible and when the opponent is about to escape the blade, pull back to take damage burst.

Late game

Late game, all heroes are the same, Timbersaw should avoid single death, go together, push together, to buyback money. And of course, you are a super tanker so not many carry are eager to hit you, your task is to protect your teammate’s Carry and Support carefully if you do not want the game to last longer.