July 30, 2021


Game CMD 368

How To Play Treant Protector As Support, Initiator

Treant Protector

Treant Protector

This forest deity seemed omnipresent, nowhere beyond Treant Protector ‘s control. Defending allies with living armor of nature, damaging enemies with twisted tree roots that aid in fighting, he is a reliable ally.

How To Play Treant Protector – Advantages / Disadvantages

Treant Protector


  • The impact on the map is very significant (protecting allies through Living armor or remote combat with Overgrowth with upgrade Aghanims Scepter).
  • The ability to control the map (Eye in the Forest is not limited in number and has a relatively fast cooldown).
  • It is not necessary to appear directly in a teamfight and still cause a significant effect.
  • Strength hero with a good start, huge base damage, high Strength gain, so he can become a semi tank later.


  • You need to farm on Aghanim’s Scepter to be able to do relative damage in teamfights -> if a 4-core situation occurs you will have absolutely no farmland and have to change the direction of the build.
  • Eye in the Forest is allergic to deforestation types (Tango item, Quelling blade, Timbersaw hero … especially clearance item like Gem of True sight).
  • The gameplay is very patient, sometimes boring, in addition, it is necessary to always focus on observing and controlling the map.

Skills Table For Treant Protector

Treant Protector

Living Armor is a skill that needs to be maxed first, this is a skill that protects teammates and towers are very strong in the early stage, with the range of using the entire map, Treant Protector hardly needs to use Tele to save teammates. Leech seeds will get the next max to gank, take slow as well as heal the whole team when pushing. Nature’s Guise helps you to crush lanes, quick wielding, and scouting enemy jungles, but it only takes 1 point. Overgrowth to the correct level

About Talent:

  • Level 10 chooses a 10% reduction in CD time to help you spam your teammates’ support skills.
  • Level 15 with 90 damage you can farm very well, but the ability to revive 1 unit of tree will help you replant the forest even when seriously destroyed by the loggers.
  • The tied Level 20 2s from Nature’s Guise will help you deal with heroes that fly very well and the 40 damage/heal from Leech seed will give your team confidence in single shots.
  • Level 25 takes +6 block damage to Living Armor to help allies stay on longer while being chased. However, if you are inclined to map detection as well as combat, 350 AoE from Ultimate with upgrades by Scepter will not be bad at all.

How To Play Treant Protector

Treant Protector

Early game

In the Support build, the Treant’s base damage seems rather redundant (if not the highest starting damage in the game) and useless (hard to become Carry because of the slow attack speed), though it helps. It becomes easier to last hits to earn money to buy wards as well as the starting items of the Treants.

Right at the early levels, you should have good map observation and situational reflexes: Living Armor is a skill that has a map range, so Treant Protector doesn’t need to spend a lot of teleports to protect teammates but can still be. save the most dangerous cases of ganking.

The thing is that Living Armor’s effectiveness depends on the level of enemy’s “aggression”, the more attacks an opponent puts at once on a buffed target, the faster the armor will be lost, or in other words, It has no significant effect in teamfights or massive ganked targets. Living armor is best used while retreating when it is necessary to escape the pursuit of a single enemy, or simply regen.

Living Armor is also the only skill in the game that helps Tower heal.

In other words, Treant is one of the very strong Heroes def and can significantly extend the game even if your team is losing. Do not miss 1 second of this skill’s cooldown time to “repair”, “restore” the Tower for them to operate for as long as possible.

Mid game

Life seemed pretty dull for Treant because he had to farm up Aghanims Scepter and was running around and wards. Anyway, Treant’s presence is not so important in combat: He can buff Living armor remotely for his teammates, and although the Overgrowth can hold off enemies on a large scale, it lacks damage. In the skill set that led to entering the market, the game ended.

Before joining the best teamfight Treant Protector should have himself an Aghanims Scepter that adds a great source of damage from Overgrowth. 175 damage per second tied around a tree Eye in the Forest Eye in the Forest will help Treant to deal up to 875 magic damage to each affected enemy Hero, if there is refresher it will be 1750 damage, which is more than enough to flip any teamfight. Come on.

But its effectiveness also depends a lot on the “card battle” how the tree wards on the battlefield map anymore.

Eye in the Forest Eye in the Forest is a very sick skill, exactly it will give Treant a ward “symbiosis” on a tree with an indefinite effect.

Late game

At this point, if the game still struggles, Treant Protector will have many difficulties. The enemy team will possess a Gem of True sight, cut down the eyes of your forest, Eye in the Forest trees to decrease your map control, and also detect allies using Nature’s Guise. Eye in the Forest will now act as a support tool for Overgrowth causing damage and giving a little strategic vision.

Before each fight takes place, make sure you have at least 2 Eye in the Forest nearby and then you can go anywhere, but in case the teamfight takes place in an unintended position, you will still need a tree.

Blink dagger to be able to manually bind enemies around him. Remember, you can still use Overgrowth without being invisible from Nature’s Guise. In addition, Overgrowth can hold down key enemies with Blink such as Anti-Mage, Queen of Pain, … the key enemies are invisible like Clinkz, Weaver, … stun them to create. turning points in the teamfight.