July 30, 2021


Game CMD 368

How To Play Ursa In Carry, Jungler, Tanker And Initiator Positions



Dubbed a melee god, 1v1 solo with Ursa is a challenge that very few people dare to face. With the ability to accumulate damage extremely fast and strong on single targets, he quickly rips apart the bad guy, is a ferocious and scary creature.

Guide To Play Ursa – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Fast and very strong burst damage in the Early and Mid Game period, is the melee god.
  • The 1v1 solo ability is almost the strongest in the game, and can even turn over even when the HP is much lower than the opponent.
  • As an Agility hero with high Strength gain, durability is not less than a Tanker.
  • One of the few heroes that can take Roshan very early on, putting pressure on the opponent.


  • Lack of mobility, in the teamfight and sticking to the controls, is a barbecue
  • No combat ability (due to the skillset to destroy single targets)
  • Late game strength is significantly reduced, gradually losing to other Hard Carry

Skill Stable For Ursa


Build a 2-4-3 format before level 11 (2 points Earthshock, 4 points Overpower, and 3 points Fury Swipes). Get 2 Earthshock points first, 2 remaining skills back. Rationale: Ursa, if building maxed first-hand skills, will be difficult to chase and get bogged down in slowdown, while low-level Earthshock effectiveness is almost negligible. Enrage builds at the correct level

About the Talent table:

  • Level 10: Get 8 Str if you want to get a little stronger
  • Level 15: Taking 16 Agi helps you to add a little bit to the attack speed and run already inactive.
  • Level 20: Add 1 second to Enrage to help you survive better
  • Level 25: Take +14 Fury Swipes damage to evaporate the enemy faster, but if your team needs an Earthshock 600 AoE leader, it will help you clear the way for your teammates.

How To Play Ursa


Early game

He can choose to go Safe lane or Jungle when she has a lifesteal. Avoid fighting early because you do not have much to hold or damage strong enemies unless they actively hit you first. Of course in the early stages, only a few points on Fury Swipes and Overpower made him become melee heroes (Ursa does very strong damage and can almost outplay enemies in most cases), but if Without a foot or a teammate to do it for you, you’re like a slice of moving meat.

The last hit with him is not difficult, putting about 2 3 stacks of Fury Swipes is enough to have last hit damage, if you soon have Morbid Mask to close up the Mask of Madness later you can farm, even You can even solo Roshan at level 5. Note that if you eat Roshan early, you should follow the Smoke of deceit to prevent exposure, and pay close attention to the map if you see the enemy hero is missing, or they show signs of advancement. On the Roshan side immediately ran back. Don’t do teleport in Roshan if you don’t want to get bash.

Mid game

Farming until the Blink dagger is obtained can be switched to farm “people”. Have to Overpower ready and if needed, Enrage always then fly in to kill prey, open the screen with Earthshock and turn on the Mask of Madness, if you leave your hands empty, it will take a little valuable time due to Overpower. You have to pause for a moment to enter the state of “chaos”.

Or you can also do this, use Overpower a while earlier, this skill’s effect is 15 seconds while the cooldown is only 10 seconds, so if possible hit the target 6 shots for the rest of the wave. First go then gong to continue hitting 6 more waves, a total of 12 consecutive attacks. It sounds epic but can only apply to Roshan. It helps you get Roshan pretty quickly, so give it a try.

Enrage is more than just a skill that turns him into a melee god. In addition to making Fury Swipes stack faster, it also provides up to 80% damage resistance + bad buff removal that makes it possible for you to completely counter the opponent with much lower health, or remove the nasty buffs. Human (root, slow, attack slow, sight… and even stun if you equip Aghanim’s Scepter), block incoming powerful damage.

In the mid-game, Ursa should actively gank, but shouldn’t be too greedy because this is a pretty dumb hero in combat but doesn’t have the skills to escape. If possible, stick out behind the enemy squad and take care of the Support, Nuker is annoyed, don’t need to focus on Carry yet until you have the Black King Bar.

Late game

He should be the main initiator in this phase. With Enrage you will block most of the skills / strong attacks from the enemy formation so that the teammates behind you will come forward. Although in the late game, he has also weakened a lot due to Fury Swipes using fixed damage, not to mention the passive so it is easy to be destroyed by Silver Edge.

But with a greater amount of HP and buffalo than other Agility heroes, Ursa can turn herself into a solid wall, and the damage is still high enough to handle enemy supports neatly. He should be the one holding the Aegis of the Immortal throughout the game, as the opening snowball the hero’s role in the squad is essential.