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How To Play Vengeful Spirit In Carry Position

Vengeful Spirit

Vengeful Spirit

With the old build from DotA, VS carry, this style of Vengeful Spirit play brings great surprise to the enemy.

How To Play Vengeful Spirit – Advantages / Disadvantages

Vengeful Spirit


  • Healthy index right from the beginning of the game
  • Great terror
  • Has strong stun and capture skills
  • Help your team take advantage easily thanks to Vengeance Aura


  • Despite the big damage, but the range is small, losing a lot compared to some other carry
  • Ultimate Nether Swap is a double-edged sword if used in the wrong way
  • Industrious, no effective escape or approach skills
  • Need more furniture to promote strength

Skill Table For Vengeful Spirit

Vengeful Spirit

With the carry path using the main hand damage, we maxed minus armor first, then went to Vengeance Aura to get the damage, Magic Missile just took 1 point at the beginning of the game to disable and then maxed at last (because maxing out maximizes mana to die), ultimately took the right level to capture people and overturn (or squeeze the team) in many situations that arise

About the talent we get as follows:

Talent lv10: fragile, choose 15% magic resistance to avoid evaporation against combos from opponents.

Talent lv15: +15 Agi, you are the carry, please do for yourself first.

Talent lv20: 15% damage to Vengeance Aura 1 strong person 4 others healthy as well.

Talent lv25: if the enemy uses a lot of skills, the item creates magic immunity (especially when there is [h omniknight] on that side) then stun through the bkb, otherwise take 400 more damage to Magic Missile to give the support when they turn on Ghost scepter

How To Play Vengeful Spirit

Vengeful Spirit

Early game

Vengeful Spirit this build can go safe lane or go mid if the other mid laner doesn’t have a hard counter.

First, check the runes, if nothing special, then go back to the lane

With the advantage of long-sleeved (which is not very long in fact), VS can onion any short or slightly short-handed guy who dares to lick and lick creeps, moreover with the First Wave of Terror max play Save mana while subtracting the painful armor, VS gropes the enemy’s health truly easy, every time I’m scared to drop the mother of armor and punch a few, no one dares to move, and because of stun possession, roamer goes to gank for VS very much because his chances of killing are quite high. Vengeful Spirit can stack camp from afar without leaving lane thanks to Wave of Terror.

Hard-working last hit denied Earn some important items and then calculates the sugar for mid-game onwards.

While on the lane, remember to ask support to ensure vision. From the 6th minute onwards when the effects of the Observer ward are gone, take a long time to use Wave of Terror on suspicious locations with the enemy when you see 2 3 guys on the missing map, it’s a waste of gold.

Mid game

In mid-game, the time distribution is as follows: 50% farm, 30% combat, 20% turret push. Almost every job VS does well due to its massive damage, stuns, and opening moves

Next farm, thanks to the eye of the realm, while going to combat, howling Wave of Terror to hit as many enemies as possible, then if the guy is easy to kill, they will send Magic Missile and punch, if the enemy has a high ability to escape, Nether immediately swaps the onion again, preventing it from escaping. Note because this is a carry build, so without the care of your teammates, absolutely do not use Nether Swap as a combat tool, but only to capture the remnants or kill your teammates. 

Particularly in the case of a high push, pay attention to the minimap often, if the majority of enemy heroes disappear from the map, that means “it’s looking for you to do the math, run away”. Always follow the Town portal scroll in case something goes wrong.

Continue to stack camp in free time, stack ancient camp as possible to increase illicit income.

Late game

Coming to late game, then limit to odd if it doesn’t affect the team. The current Vengeful Spirit, if he has enough items, is strong as a force, ready to die if he is so confused because the aura increases tons of damage and the amount of Agi is super terrible.

Continue to remind yourself “I’m a carry, I’m a carry, I’m a carry” but play carefully, the combat style is no different in mid-game, but try to hide your face first, wait for the initiator. Finished opening then let’s start to play. Reserve me around 2k money or more for a convenient way to buy back because buying back does not affect VS’s power much because her skill is quite fast.

Well there is one game that is a bit reckless, but it’s worth trying, that is, at level 3, Nether Swap has a very long-range, Vengeful Spirit can easily break into the enemy’s backline to take care of the underdogs at the same time, the swapped target falls in the heart of his team, 1 arrow hits 2 targets, however, to do this, there must be a Black King Bar or some skill to protect the life of his team (for example like Guardian angel), and it’s best to wait for 2 initiators to set up, hide your face, don’t let them focus on it then do this.