July 30, 2021


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How To Play Visage In The Support Position – Roamer – Pusher



Visage is a very familiar name for longtime Dota 2 players. With the ability to roll a very strong snowball from early to mid-game, he is often used for early combat formations to put absolute pressure on the opponent.

Guide To Play Visage – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Although basic magic resist with low starting armor, Gravekeeper’s Cloak makes up for it
  • Gank is strong, the push is strong, shock damage is also strong
  • Nightmare with enemies from early to late game
  • Extremely effective against a less maneuverable formation


  • Super fast, less maneuverable (running speed 285 is understandable)
  • Gravekeeper’s Cloak increases Vis buffalo but is heavily countered by DPS skills (blood burn in seconds)
  • The skills are quite a mana consuming compared to the loud mana of Visage
  • Ultimate Familiars is easy to donate money to the enemy if you don’t pay attention to 2 pets
  • Easily confusing hands when reaching level 6 or higher because to control more units

Skill Table For Visage


Get 1 point of Grave Chill for slow, then take 1 point Gravekeeper’s Cloak to give your buffalo a little more, then max Soul Assumption first to shock the damage when roaming/ganking, next plus max Gravekeeper’s Cloak for buffaloes, taking damage better than take the Grave Chill note (late game carry the enemy is strong, so at this point Grave Chill will take full advantage). Ultimate gets the correct level, stats plus last

About the Talent table:

  • Level 10 You are the support for what you need hand damage, take 125 cast range to KS easily.
  • Level 15 2 rays of Soul Assumption shoot 2 targets, sound good!
  • Level 20 80 running speed for the baby bats will help you easily block the enemy but 15 damage per charge Soul Assumption is not the worst when you need to optimize the damage.
  • Level 25 4 monsters if you include green, stun the enemy to death or 2s restore Gravekeeper’s Cloak to help you tank more strong in the teamfight

How To Play Visage


Early game

The early game checks the runes, if there is nothing, go back to the lane to protect the carry farm. Try to pull creeps and go to lane to take some exp to level up, when you reach level 2-3 you can roam effectively, but it’s best based on the situation to make a decision, if nothing hot then just go continue to pull and live, sometimes on time to clear runes. Remember to buy another eye plug, do not forget it

Some things to note with Vis:

You can support in the lane or roam gank in the first place, but Visage ‘s main ganking ability is to deal damage based on Soul Assumption (so most of you will get the kill), moreover to accumulate points for that skill. depends a lot on the amount of damage the hero takes, so it has to be aggressive to deal with / receive damage to be effective. Note this to know how to accumulate damage and when to shoot Soul Assumption.

When you act as a support lane, you pull creeps to earn some money, and you can stack camps to carry farm later. Gank just go round to the back, use Grave Chill on enemy champions, stack damage and shoot Soul Assumption to finish.

Gravekeeper’s Cloak is a skill that turns you into a temporary tanker thanks to the great resistance that it gives, but it is quite a waste if you encounter damage players over time, pay attention to this case, If the enemy picks a hero with DPS ability, it’s best to just throw Vis away.

You can use the tab key to change the control commands to Familiars.

Mid game

At this time, you should work with the gankers and tankers to put pressure on the enemy by pushing towers, also to prolong the time for your carry team to farm important items. Familiars will fully recover damage stacks when using the Stone form, and the attack speed of Familiars is extremely fast, so Visage ‘s turret push is extremely good, and Stone form stuns people.

You can use in many chase / gank / escape/cover scenarios (however the cast time is a bit slow), in different situations you can also use Familiars to tank incoming damage from creeps, towers. Familiars can also be used to hit an enemy hero when a melee occurs, this is a great opportunity to rape the weaker backline, also to repel them from the pot face support. on. Try to end the game as soon as possible because Vis late game is weaker and weaker, not as effective as other pure sups.

When playing Phoenix, forget, when using Familiars, Familiars’ attacks will become weaker, using a Stone form to both heal them, reset their damage, and skill It doesn’t cost anything at all, it only takes cooldowns, so take advantage of this to be able to use your Phoenix’s damage effectively.

This phase continues to buy wards, destroy the opponent’s wards, and ensure the team’s vision.

Late game

Late game Visage ‘s power has been greatly reduced, so this stage is quite difficult if you let the enemy bogged down to this level. With a little bit of sophistication, you can still help the team.

At this point, the target you are aiming for is weak physiological supports. Wait for the initiators to initiate the combat first then go in; The skill distribution method depends on the situation: normally we pull the Familiars to steam the enemy support, but if the team lacks disables, pull Familiars and knock out the Stone form stun, the dangerous ones are grazing. your team (like initiator, carry, nuker), the Grave Chill can be used on the enemy carry when they run out of bkb to minimize their dashing power and terror attack speed.

When the total teamfight occurs, it is also time to charge the Soul Assumption charge, for every full charge, shoot the sup, this technique has 4 seconds of cooldown so you just dare to spam the heat, late-game mana a lot. No need to worry too much. Make the most of the full charge of Gravekeeper’s Cloak to catch the enemy’s skills, save a lot of damage and negative effects for your team before it falls to 0.