July 27, 2021


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How To Play Weaver In Carry – Pusher Position



Weaver is a hero with the most annoying gameplay in Dota2 with the ability to maneuver muddy and bloody very strong and is also a carry, a giant pusher in the game.

How To Play Weaver – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Possesses the most annoying, muddy skill set in Dota2
  • He is an extremely mobile carry hero with Shukuchi
  • Push + damage strong thanks to Geminate Attack
  • Pulling down enemy armor is very important thanks to The Swarm


  • Starting damage, the animation is difficult to the last hit
  • Slight attack range compared to other long-sleeved heroes
  • Super cockroach blood, being charged in flash, is easy to count
  • Need to farm a lot of furniture to promote strength

Skill Table For Weaver


Shukuchi is Weaver ‘s official farming, harassing, and muddy skill, so it will be given priority to maximized first, Geminate Attack, and The Swarm are equally important to support enemy bleeding and tower push. parallel lift (otherwise you can max 1 first and then raise the other). Ultimate took the right level.

About the talent we add as follows:

  • Talent lv10: Shukuchi later won’t be used to cause main damage, so don’t take the damage boost, take 6 Str to stiffen because this blood is like lame pants.
  • Talent lv15: this monster’s item is also full of damage and at the most, only 1 2 items, plus Geminate Attack and The Swarm cause quite good damage so taking 7 stats is also to give this bug a little buffalo but also muddy
  • Talent lv20: at this point, if you have bought a lot of health/health regen items, you will take 15 Agi to shoot quickly, but if you want the buffalo to the end, do not hesitate to add 200 blood straight
  • Talent lv25: getting Shukuchi’s speed up to get better, but if the enemy has too many nukers, 35% magic resistance is fine.

How To Play Weaver


Early game

At the beginning of the game, checking the runes, nothing hot then going back to the lane

He is often given away solo mid or safe lane, but with the current comprehensive gank meta, he is often kicked down to the safe lane. In some cases, you can go solo offlaner but not recommended.

Like many other carries, Weaver just got into the farm at this stage. You can harass the enemy with Geminate Attack + Shukuchi, you can assemble the enemy’s armor with The Swarm and then call your teammates to fight the board for kills, however, pay attention to your mana amount because of your mana pool. He is very poor, can not spam much. Just farm to get important items and then it’s time to shine

How is Shukuchi used properly? Simply put, when you farm, you just hit this move to run all the creeps round to touch enough, if you have more time, you will screech the health of the enemy hero in the same lane, then you have 1 to 2 seconds left. Keep your distance, shoot a few more shots to fight to attack Geminate Attack, the enemy’s blood will drop quickly, you can easily kill thanks to this game. If you want to shoot more pain, you will release The Swarm and destroy the enemy’s armor first

Mid game

Now is not the time for you to fight aggressively, Weaver still has to farm a lot until the end of the mid-game so you will have a chance to play aggressively.

In this stage, in addition to farming + pushing towers with the same team or single push, you can hunt for enemy supports and roamers. With the muddy ability from Shukuchi, you can easily kill one of the enemy’s cockroaches. If there is a problem, quickly Time Lapse and then keep falling. Do not forget to call on your support team to fully ensure the vision.

The Swarm is also a very useful tracking skill when you suspect that there is an enemy at a certain angle, just shoot at it to see how to run or stay.

Late game

This stage is the stage when you really shine. Weaver can go split push or join a team to join the teamfight. In a total teamfight, release The Swarm first, then use Shukuchi to dodge to an appropriate location, target the cockroaches of the enemy team and shoot them out first. If you see the danger, click Time-Lapse back immediately to save your life. After taking down the fragile targets, shoot the remaining guys, just shoot and dodge with Shukuchi to avoid danger while causing extreme inhibition to the opponent.