July 30, 2021


Game CMD 368

How To Play Witch Doctor In The Support Position – Nuker

Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor is one of the few support heroes that has a strong protective ability but is also a source of great damage to the enemy team.

How To Play Witch Doctor – Advantages / Disadvantages

Witch Doctor


  • The body is a support that can both save the lives of teammates, and have the ability to kill very strong people (both heal and damage).
  • Easy to play, easy to win.
  • Maledict is a very strong Shock damage skill from Early Game to Late Game with support from teammates.
  • Death Ward is a very dangerous skill if used well, can even overturn combat.


  • He has a lot of health with his mobility and ganks. It is very easy to learn counting in kindergarten.
  • Burn mana like water.
  • Maledict is dangerous but can be solved with a large enough heal.
  • Need to buy Aghanims Scepter to be a valid late game, otherwise, it would be a waste.

Skill Table For Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor

You maxed Maledict to gank for sure at Early Game and Mid, Paralyzing Cask was taken to max next to fight small. 1 point Voodoo Restoration at early ranks for convenient lane regen or roam ganking. Witch Doctor ‘s Ultimate Death Ward brand will be taken at the correct level

About Talent:

  • LV10 getting 5 armor will help you to withstand enemy damage well and obviously this is guide support so don’t even think 75 damage.
  • LV15 takes +2 bounces for Paralyzing Cask to create a peak of discomfort if the enemy accidentally ganks in a small group (2-3 heroes) without paying attention to your position. However, if the game gets difficult and it will definitely become difficult, then 120 gold per minute is your lifesaver.
  • LV20 adds 125 attack range to Death Ward that will make you more sure to place the bunkers for money.
  • LV25 +75 damage to Death Ward is not a bad idea, but if you need to stick push or stay against a skill that inflicts large damage then 1.5% of the heal from Voodoo Restoration will turn you into a portable Fountain true meaning

How To Play Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor

Early game

Witch Doctor can either roam gank or support in the lane

At the beginning of the game, the runes to check the goods, if nothing special, then start to deploy as planned

You can roam early in the game with ping pong Paralyzing Cask, but it also depends on the ability of your teammates. When you stick to the lane to protect your carry farm, you can stand up front, use Maledict on the enemy, throw Paralyzing Cask, and then stand to poke that they are scared right away.

Once your teammates have reached a certain level, your lane’s kills are extremely high. Combo depends on the time you use it: you can use Paralyzing Cask to hold the opponent first, then Maledict and the crowd will go into shock, otherwise if you are in a favorable position, use Maledict first, throw Paralyzing Cask rushed to beat. This combo applies throughout your match. Paralyzing Cask is a very annoying control skill, especially when the opponent has 2 to 3 people standing in one place, use it properly.

Do not forget that there is a heal Voodoo Restoration sometimes remember to use it lest you have to go home to regen health.

Mid game

This is the time when both teams are trying to push the enemy’s outer towers and gank enthusiastically, always keep the Town portal scroll in your body to make sure you can roam the lane to support your teammates in time as well as buy eyes adequate to ensure visibility. Witch Doctor ‘s usual combo is to use Paralyzing Cask to hold the opponent, use Maledict, and then plug Death Ward and his teammates to burst damage on these targets.

You should pay attention to keep your position carefully because your ultimate is so terrible if you die when the ultimate is not used or it is cut off too soon, it will be a waste. You can use ping pong to clear the lane pushers in many cases, but it is not advisable, just after spending, if the enemy jumps out to gang, they blame my number.

Late game

Paralyzing Cask + Maledict + Death Ward Combo applies until the end of the game. Use Maledict to stick to guys who don’t make bkb for this skill to work. If you have bought the Glimmer Cape, just stand in a hidden corner, buff yourself and then put your Ulti on and shoot down the enemy team.

At this stage, if there is nothing hot, just go with the team, keep an eye on the map, keep a safe distance (should stand behind the team, not together). Combat broke out, the above combo applied. When Witch Doctor ‘s teammates are in critical condition remember to turn on Voodoo Restoration and Guardian greaves heal their lives.