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How to play Yorick in Top lane, “Gangster boss” with “hungry Juniors”

Yorick is a champion who has a stronger power in champions system of LoL

Although it has always been considered a failure, Yorick has always been one of the champions with the highest win rates on most servers. In this article, we will learn how to play Yorick effectively in the top lane.


Recent versions, while a series of champions that are heavily hammered come from Riot games, there are also a few champions that benefit greatly from Riot’s games “gentle” tweaks. One of them is Yorick, with just a mechanic modification for the ultimate, gravediggers are back in the professional arena.

Even though he’s been thought of as a failure and is one of the most hated champions in League of Legends, one thing not many people know about is that Yorick has always been one of the champions with the highest win rates. all the servers, to the point, that Riot games reduced his power a few months ago even though few people knew who he was.

In version 9.2, Yorick received a key mechanic edit that is “The Misty Woman”.  She will no longer “face” and “breaking up” with you. At present, the right to break up belongs to you with the button to re-activate the divine R. In addition, she has received some minor power-ups to other abilities. This modification will make it easier for Yorick to control the odd pushing and participate in a team fight. Instead of summoning her and then helplessly watching her head on the tower and die like before.


Before knowing how to play Yorick as well as use Yorick effectively, players need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of Yorick. To begin with the advantages, Yorick is a champion with a stronger power. As we analyzed above, you can know Yorick has the ability to push lanes extremely fast. Besides, he has good hand-to-hand and attack damage that little known to be able to defend him. Finally, he has a lot of good friends, and it is a hazard for a lot of opponents. 

We move to the disadvantages of Yorick, in contrast to the enormous power that can take down any opponent. Yorick’s downside is the sluggish movement and bondage. Moreover, Yorick is always countered in matches and is a hero with brothers despite having the power. But he is not very smart so sometimes inhibiting players.


In addition to grasping the advantages and disadvantages of a general, in the League of Legends. You want to know how to play Yorick. You also need to pay attention to equipping your champion with items appropriately.

The first is the Trinity force, which is one of Yorick’s essential equipment. It makes Death Ceremony easier to kill creeps, helps Yorick push the tower faster. It also helps him fight much stronger. There are dozens of benefits in general. 

Next is the Sterak Claw which is a useful item for almost every Gladiator. Increases a lot of damage (Yorick‘s one of the champions with the highest base AD in the game). It is an instant resilience.

The third is the titanic, which can be skipped for items if fighting more. If you are loyal to the odd push game, this will be an item that you cannot ignore. The Zz’rot portal will increase its ability to push oddly with a swarm of bugs.

Finally, items with Shojin Spear can be thought of if strong, extremely strong when sometimes pushing as well as infighting.