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How to set bombsite strategy in Overpass map


The overpass is slowly becoming one of the favorite maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Many professional teams, from Cloud9 to Team Liquid, call this their map. But the problem for casual gamers is that they are unfamiliar with the locations and how the sites are interlinked.

In most matchmaking games, almost everything happens on-site, with T usually controlling positions in bathroom side A soon, and CT usually finishes defending site B.

Smoke bank, truck, and stairs in Overpass


The tricky part of this strategy is controlling the bathroom. As long as two people control the connector, the T can move gradually until part of the safe bathroom is under control. Once T has entered the top of the bathroom, the team can throw two fumes to prevent CT from holding the bank or stairs.

To smoke banks, jump onto the bench and center the bench as shown. Then, center on the top of the woman on the toilet and click the left mouse button. This smoke will fall deep onto the stairs and block CT’s view of the location.

Remember to place the female image on the toilet board. This smoke will land deep on the stairs and have no gaps. That means CT in the dumpster (dumpster) can not see anything unless they actively up.


At this bench, you can also throw a Smoke truck that will limit CT to be seen next to the truck. Instead of standing on a chair, you stand close to it and the wall, aim at the male image on the toilet sign, then left-click and throw.

They will force CT to fight back. Since this smoke limits the area where CT can peak from A, the AWPer as well as the good rifler on the T side can pre-align the empty corners of the truck and the barrels on the site. Forcing CT to respond or retreat, T takes advantage of the bombsite and has more time to choose a guard position after placing the bomb.

Smoke for the bank of Overpass can be more difficult since it needs you to jump throw. The player stands by the gate down to the connector, to the left side of the light, and jumps throw smoke.

Flashbang to site A


Before anyone on the team was going to peak, there was a flash that T could throw from CT’s vision looking at the bathroom. The flash is easier than the smoke A. What you need to do is stand close to the left wall on the long side, watch on the wall column as shown below, and left click to throw the flash.

Flash will blind anyone looking towards the bathroom. Once the flash explodes, it’s time T pushes up, checks the narrow angles on the truck and long, then toss a few molotovs behind the truck and after the smoke stairs for more time after the bombs are placed.

Once thrown, T should split up and clear any possible CT corner before retreating to the bathroom to defend after placing the bomb.

Site A Overpass is easier to take, especially when T has an early kill in the long or bathroom. In matchmaking, teams often lack synergies in order to molotov all the blocking corners or smoke heaven in B. Therefore, mastering the smoke A in Overpass will help players win a few more wins in a complex CSGO map.