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How To Unlock all Groot Outfits in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Groot Outfits

In this Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game outfits guide, we’ll show you where to get each of the Groot outfits, skins, or costumes. We’ll show you the location and directions to find each outfit in each chapter for Groot.

Chapter 1: A Risky Gamble Outfit

Groot Outfits

Groot outfits: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2014)

After reuniting with Groot, you’ll exit the room you’re in and enter a series of tunnels. Before entering the corridors, turn right. You’ll see a hole that you can get into underneath some pink goo. Inside is a costume from the movie Groot’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Chapter 3: The Cost Of Freedom Outfit


After defeating the tailed summoned beast duo, you will get the electronic cage. From there, you’ll need Groot to build a bridge to keep moving forward. Across the bridge, take the path to the left where you’ll need to kill some gray goo to enter a cave. Inside the cave, use your elemental gun to shoot ice at the waterfall to create a platform. Climb up and out of the cave to find this outfit on the edge of a cliff.

Groot outfits – Chapter 5: Due Or Die Outfits


Once you find the helmet in the communication room and if you choose to talk to the helmet, you will have to fight your way out of the Nova Corp base. After defeating a group of enemies in a corridor, you will enter a room glowing with orange light with a machine in the center of the room that you must jump on to get out of the area. Before you leave, look in the far corner of the room to find a box for this outfit.

Groot outfits – Chapter 10: Test Of Faith Outfits

Groot Outfits


After defeating three large enemies in the cave, you will be in an area with a large face and a crack along the wall towards your right. Command Rocket to go into a small hole on the left side of the face to blow a hole through it.

Behind the face is a cave with poisonous gas. Use your elemental gun to shoot ice at the gas and make the room safe. Then jump over the gap and command Groot to raise a platform inside the cave onto a ledge above you.

Exit the cave and keep climbing until you find a ledge, which you can pierce through this costume chest.

Chapter 12: Knowhere To Run 

Groot Outfits

Groot outfits: IMPALER

If you pre-order the game, you’ll get this outfit, and you’ll find two component sets here instead.

After the area where Gamora cuts the rope so you can move forward, the next area you will stop at a shiny metal wall that you and Drax have to push aside. Before doing that, look on your left. You’ll find a bar that you can pull with the wind of your gun on a wall in the gap. Pulling out the panel will reveal an area where Groot can build a bridge across.

Going Cross the bridge and walking through the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel will be a malfunctioning door. Shoot the panel above the door to reveal a machine that you can electrify from your gun to open the door.

In the next area is a room where most of the ground is covered with electricity. Fire the panel of a small door to your left and order Rocket to come in. He will turn off the power. You can find the costume box behind some of the pallets on the right. (Confirmed with permission of PowerPyx.)