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How to Unlock Fortnite Agent Jones Jump 88 skin

Fortnite Agent Jones Jump

Fortnite Agent Jones Jump

Fortnite Agent Jones Jump 88 Skin in is currently causing havoc on the internet. The skin is part of the Agent Jones Style Challenge.

The skin won’t appear until players reach tier 76 on the Battle Pass, which may sound like a difficult task, but it isn’t.

Fortnite Agent Jones Jump 88 may resemble Jump 42 skin

Fortnite Agent Jones Jump 88 Skin may resemble Jump 42 skin, with the only notable difference being a cloak shrouded over Agent Jones. Despite the fact that it is part of the Agent Jones Style Challenge, obtaining the aforementioned skin requires some effort. 

The challenge is one of the most challenging in the series, requiring players to visit the Spire in Weeping Woods and defeat the mini boss while also keeping an eye out for enemies.

How do you get FAJJ skin?

There are currently 6 Spires on the Fortnite map, each with its own mini boss that players must defeat. On top of the Spire, there is a chest that should equip the Fortnite players with basic weapons in order to take out the mini boss.

The mini boss, on the other hand, is armed with the purple primal rifle, which is quite powerful, so players must exercise extreme caution. The mini boss can be found at the bottom of the Spire, as can the butterfly, with whom the players must interact in order to complete the task.

After defeating the boss, the butterfly will fly to the top of the Spire and float up into the sky. The players must use their crafting skills to get to that point in order to gather a fragment, which will basically complete the challenge.

That’s all it is to this Fortnite Agent Jones Jump challenge. Fortnite players can also avoid a fight with the boss if they reach the bottom and activate the butterfly. This, however, is easier than it sounds. When the boss is activated, it will charge at the players with all of its power.