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How to unlock the character Gaz in Call of Duty: Warzone



Gaz is back, the hero in the classic Call of Duty 4 re-created in Modern Warfare is now a playable Operator character in Warzone and beyond.

Characters that are enjoyed by many gamers are now available at COD: Warzone. So how to unlock this character? Check out the article below.

Call of Duty: Warzone seems to be Activision’s latest focus, as the game gained a lot of reputation during the first two weeks of its release. More specifically, this game has surpassed the milestone of 15 million players last weekend and is still sprinting to reach higher goals. So, to help Warzone achieve its aspirations, Activision has “stimulated” gamers to download this game through … Call of Duty: Mobile

About this character


Gaz one of the main characters in COD: Modern Warfare. But now, he’s come to Warzone’s story to help his friend and teammate Captain Price. If you want to own the character, here’s how to unlock him in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone.

How to unlock Gaz


To unlock this character, you must purchase a Gaz Exclusive Package. This pack can be found in the in-game store, which is the tab on the right side at the top of the Warzone menu and Modern Warfare.

Gaz pack costs 2,400 CoD points. It includes this character, his second skin, Operator mission (opening more skins), Fair Brass blueprints, Blue Tanker prints, Hit Stick melee weapons, Willpower watches, Ice to meet you complete, move Everything quip, call card for the Queen and Union Jack icon.

Some items included, and more about them can be seen in the image gallery above. You get a total of nine items and a variety of challenges included in the pack, along with him, so it’s a decent value at 2,400 CoD Points.

It can be seen that Gaz is a general who will bring many unique experiences to players, especially those who have played COD for a long time. The next information about this game will be constantly updated, so don’t miss it.