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Black Ops: Zombies – How To Unlock The Ray Gun Wonder Weapon

Ray Gun

Ray Gun

Ray Gun is back in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – this time, called RAI-K84 and if you’re willing to spend a lot of points, you can finally earn it from any Firebase Z Mystery Box. That will take a long time, and even it is almost guaranteed. If you’ve always wanted to get guns, there’s a not-so-obvious method. You just need to find the blueprint and all parts of the gun.

How To Get The RAI-K84 (Ray Gun)

To get the Ray Gun Wonder Weapon – known as RAI-K84 – you can spend 950 points on Mystery and Hope Box, or you can follow these steps.

Before you can get started, you need to turn on the power. Charge all three Aether Generators to power on and you’ll be able to go to the next step.

Get The Blueprint and The Eye

Once powered on, you’ll be able to access the Weapons Lab in the Engine Group. The Weapons Lab is behind the door to claim power. In the back corner of this small room with the Armor Station, you will see the Blueprint hanging on the wall. Take it.

Guns require three separate parts. The first part is the Eyes.

You can find the Eye in the Scorched Defense area. Jump sandbags and find a burnt corpse leaning against a sunken tank on the right side of the area. As you get closer to your body, the “Revoke Eye” prompt will appear.

This is a long animation, so be sure to do this when you’re safe. And be prepared for a wellness visit.

Get The Locker Key & The Barrel Assembly

Return to the Weapons Lab when you have the Eye. Interact with the red computer screen on the right side of the blueprint – after a while, the drawer opens and you can get the Locker.

The locker key can be used to unlock lockers in the Barracks.

Go to Barracks and start unlocking the lockers. The lockers are placed between the crib – open more than 6 lockers and a Mimic will show up with the Bucket Assemble. Kill it and collect it.

The first Mimic born may not have a Barrel Assembly – just keep unlocking and killing the Mimic until one drops it.

Get The Power Cell & Charge It – Ray Gun

Next, we need to kill a Mangler when it explodes. Small Zombie Mangler spawns in Round 15 – kill it while it’s on fire and it will drop the Power Cell. Collect items after it dies.

Take the Power Cell to the Weapons Lab and plug it in the right desk near the Motor Pool door. Just plugging in and waiting for it to charge. It will take about a Round.

Solve The Dart Board Puzzle & Build The Ray Gun

Go back to the Weapons Lab and look at the computer – the images on the computer correspond to a dartboard. Memorize the random numbers that appeared.

Return to the Village and enter the room to the left of the Atrium where the Pack-a-Punch is located. Shoot the numbers you saw on the Weapons Lab computer, shoot at the center of the dartboard to win the final piece.

After you have the final part, you can now assemble the RAI-K98 at the design desk in the Weapons Lab.