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Valorant – How to unlock the Valorant Agents fast

Valorant Agents

Valorant Agents

Unlocking the Valorant Agents in the Valorant game can take a bit of time and effort, but there are a few ways to speed up the process, helping you have the characters faster and the following article will show you how to do that.

Activate The Contract to earn Valorant Agents faster

Valorant Agents

You can enable the Contract on the Agent screen in the Collection tab of the main menu. A contract for each Agent requires you to get a certain amount of XP through playing games. This XP can be earned by playing any character in Valorant. Each level unlocks different items and when you reach Level 5, you unlock Agent.

You can only open one Contract at a time, but if you switch to another Contract midway, you will not lose what you have got back. If you’re anxious and don’t want to level up Contract by earning XP, then you can also pay to unlock levels. Each level is worth 200 Valorant Points, meaning you will need about 1,000 Valorant Points (approximately $ 10) to buy 5 levels and unlock Agent.

Unlock Valorant Agents Rewards

The game will give players a hand when they complete the mini-contract to start the journey to unlock many different Valorant Agents. Players can receive the Unlock Agent reward to instantly add a character to their squad.

Valorant will give players 2 chances to unlock a free Agent at level 5 and level 10, but you still have to unlock a few more characters.

It is worth noting that going to The Range allows you to try out any of the game’s characters. For a player who is bewildered whether a certain Agent is right for them or not, this is the best way to try out different options before starting to unlock them.

How to Earn Experience Points

Valorant Agents

There are two ways to earn XP while playing Valorant, which is to complete quests and add value to individual rounds.

Everyone will get 100 XP simply by playing each match and adding 200 XP for each battle won. Thus, you get a total of 300 XP in a match. The ultimate victory gives you 5,100 XP – the highest experience points a player can have in a match.

The daily and weekly tasks include simply taking part in a match to cause a certain amount of damage during battles. It is important to note that any XP awarded will contribute to both Story Contract and Agent Contract.