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How to use the 30-30 Repeater in Apex Legends

30-30 Repeater

The 30-30 Repeater was Salvo’s most popular gun, but it was eventually included in the Apex Games during season eight. This is a heavy lever-action rifle that allows Apex Legends players to boost their shots for some extra firepower.

30-30 falls “somewhere between the Longbow and G7 Scout” with “a little Wingman there for a good review,” game designer Eric Canavese told Dot Esports. It’s a tough weapon, especially deadly in mid-to-long-range encounters, and its charged-firing mechanics make it even more dangerous in the hands of a skilled shooter.

Breakdown: The 30-30 Repeater

30-30 Repeater

The 30-30 is a heavy-duty repeating rifle. Apex Legends treats it as an assault rifle and this gives it access to a wide range of accessories – including stocks, magazines, and a variety of attractions up to x4 magnification. This compatibility is essential for its role as a medium to the long-range weapon.

Shoot 30-30 Repeater heavy bullets, but aiming down will fill the charge bar increasing the damage of the next shot. It takes about a second to fully charge, but the damage increase is proportional to its charge.

Normal shots deal 42 damage when shot to the body by any factor, but hitting the head increases that number by 74. Charging up increases the damage by 57 when shot at a person and 100 when fired. in the head – enough to take down an unarmored target (as long as they’re not Caustic or Gibraltar).

30-30 Repeater

Players can also speed up shots at will as long as they take the time to aim down the sights and “sneaking through those charged shots will be really important to the full hit potential that 30-30 Repeater can offer on the battlefield, “according to Canavese.

Hitting two body shots – one charged and the other uncharged – was enough to deal 99 damage before multiplied, and the weapon’s potential became even more frightening when taking into account shots. from the beginning.

  • R-301 (with Anvil): 35 (body) / 70 (head)
  • Flatline (with Anvil): 43 (body) / 86 (head)
  • G7 Scout: 34 (body) / 60 (head)
  • Longbow: 55 (body)/110 (head)/138 (head with Skullpiercer)
  • 30-30 (uncharged): 42 (body) / 74 (head)
  • 30-30 (charged): 57 (body) / 100 (head)

Weapon Pairings

30-30 Repeater

To make up for the 30-30’s short-range drawbacks, some of the best pairs are weapons like the Mastiff, R-99, or Volt SMG. However, fully automatic guns like the R-301, RE-45, and Alternator can also be a solid choice for those who are not comfortable with the jerkiness of the R-99.

Pairing the repeater with the G7 isn’t necessary, as the reconnaissance rifle works in the same medium to long-range space as the 30-30. The loss of the Double Tap Trigger jump in season eight further damages this weapon.

Pairing a 30-30 Repeater with a sniper rifle can be redundant, as this weapon completes the same niches and snipers have many ways to dominate that space (such as firepower stronger and better range).

However, using a repeating rifle alongside the Triple Take is an unorthodox combination, offering some good close-range combat options (thanks to the shotgun’s range) and also providing access to crime. vi has a higher magnification for very far-away situations.