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Heroes of the Storm: Illidan Talent Build Guide


Illidan is an agile Solo Laner. Extremely fast attacks, some narrowing gaps, and his ability to significantly reduce his Cooldown through Traitor’s Desire make him extremely difficult to outdo. His polarized ‘holiday or hungry’ nature tends to make him the focus of attention for both allies and opponents – for better or for worse.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Illidan



  • Excellent duelist
  • Global presence with The Hunt
  • It is almost impossible to escape
  • Can quickly and securely ask for mercenaries alone
  • Doesn’t depend on Mana and has the excellent self-sustaining ability
  • Especially against Heroes who rely on basic attacks, such as Raynor or Greymane


  • Limited sieging potential
  • Very weak when playing from behind
  • Limited waveclear
  • Extremely vulnerable to counter picks
  • Asking the team composition revolves around supporting him in order to excel
  • Especially susceptible to crowd control due to dependence on Basic Attack

Talent Build of Illidan

Flexible Build

Agility builds revolve around acquiring specific Talents to compensate for his weaknesses. This build is recommended if the enemy team has different ways to deny your Basic Attacks, so you build around dealing with what they have.

At level 1 you can choose to be good in early game fights through Battered Assault, for better laning and mercenary early game with Immolation, or have a great match in between and at the end of the battle with the Inexorable Enemies.

Hunter’s Onslaught is the default Level 7 Talent, but Reflexive Block can be a great choice against Heroes that depend on Basic Attack, like Raynor or Greymane.

At level 16, you must choose between 3 options to increase your damage.

  • Blades of Azzinoth are a great choice when combined with a Heavenly Enemy or if the opposing team does not have a blindfold feature.
  • Fiery Brand is extremely effective against strong or armored Heroes, like Deathwing or Cho.
  • Marked for Death, being the only talent that boosts his PvE while not reliant on multiple Basic attacks, is a good choice if the opposing team has a variety of countermeasures Illidan.

Basic Attacks Build

Battered Assault (lv1) – Unending Hatred, Friend or Foe (lv4), Thirsting Blade (lv7), Metamorphosis (lv10), Sixth Sense (lv13) – Nimble Defender – Elusive Strike, Blades of Azzinoth (lv16) – Fiery Brand, Demonic Form (lv20).

Basic Attack build-up focuses on his improved combat presence. It is often chosen as a means of punishing formations that lack the tools to block his Basic Strike. Key Talents include Transfiguration, the Hero Ability core to build, Violent Attack, which significantly improves the damage done by his team fighting, and Demon Form, which increases the kill count. His injury and making crowd control ineffective.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

Illidan strives to play with any Hero that can increase his survivability, be it through Shield, Armor, or raw instant heal effects. He is often known as someone who requires allied Heroes called “supporters” to be in their best condition.

Medivh is one of his best assistants, due to the way he hides his weak points from Burst’s damage while he is under crowd control. Also, it’s important not to use Force of Will while Dodging, as the overlap of the 2 Defenses can significantly paralyze his survivability. We recommend you use Medivh’s shield right after Evasion runs out, so he can reset its Cooldown while protected.

Countered by:

His reliance on regeneration and cooldown reduction by Betrayer’s Thirst makes him especially susceptible to effects that can slow him down or prevent him from attacking. What’s more, his push-splitting ability can often be compared to other Heroes to even give off any advantage this strategy creates. Although Illidan can be counterattacked by many Heroes, his design makes him very oppressive when it comes to poor counter-attacks.