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Immortals Fenyx Rising Guide – Tips And Tricks To Help Newbies

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Saving almost the entire Greek pantheon was no small task. In Immortals Fenyx Rising, your mission is to do just that. To bring some of the most famous mythological characters back from the clutches of evil, you’ll have to hack, slash, and explore through several connected areas. How you choose to save your loved ones is entirely up to you.

Boost Stamina Asap

Immortals Fenyx Rising 1

Fenyx has a lot of mobility options and you can run, double jump, surf and swim with ease. While all of these abilities make it easier to explore, they all consume a lot of stamina. One of the best ways to maximize your mobility in Immortals Fenyx Rising is to increase your stamina.

You have the ability to increase your stamina at the Bench of Zeus in the Hall of the Gods. Using this vehicle allows you to gain another chunk of your stamina every time you drop a few pieces of Zeus’s Lightning into it.

Need some lightning to increase your total stamina. The best way to get more lightning is to complete the various Vaults of Tartaros found around the island. To find more of them, be sure to search often.

Armor And Weapon Upgrades – Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising 0

There are many armor and weapon pieces to find. Each of them has different advantages that you may want to swap out while playing.

Unlike many games, where upgrading affects only a portion of the equipment, improving any weapon or armor piece in this game will affect any current and future gear which you find.

To maximize your armor and weapons potential when upgrading at the Forge of Hephaistos in the Hall of the Gods. Scout regularly for new gear and pay attention to the perks they offer. Choose armor based on the perks you like best, then upgrade your gear to increase attack and defense power for all of them.

Another aspect of armor and weapons worth noting: You can customize any part of your gear to resemble any other piece of equipment at any time. So, in contrast to other games that have a cost to transform items, in Immortals Fenyx Rising you don’t have to sacrifice style.

Make A Map

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Maps in Ubisoft’s big games tend to be overcrowded with dozens of icons detailing the locations of powerups, side quests, and collectibles, it can feel a bit overwhelming and confusing.

In Immortals Fenyx Rising, you decide how many symbols you have on your map. Anytime you’re standing on a cliff, statue, or building, you can press the scout button to look around with Far Sight. As you sweep across the map, your cursor will shine when pointing at an important location. If you are playing with a controller, it will rumble as your pointer gets closer.

Once you’ve pointed your mouse over something, you can reveal it, doing so will add an icon on your map.

You can scout as much as you want whenever you enter a new area. The benefit of this system is that by actually observing your surroundings and pinpointing places of interest, you are developing a context for these collectibles. Instead of the game automatically placing points of interest on your map, you can decide how messy or clean your map looks.

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