August 4, 2021


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Hotfix and Chat improvements in League Patch 11.1

League Patch 11.1

Last month, Riot Games previewed Patch 11.1, revealing many modifications at the beginning of the new season to champions and items. But now, six new champions have joined the list and will receive some adjustments in a one day hotfix released on Jan. 6 alongside League of Legends Patch 11.1.

League Patch 11.1

Buffs and nerfs are coming at the start of season 11

Gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter today revealed that nerfs are set to be received by Ivern, Graves, Taliyah, and Malphite, while Sivir and Varus will be buffed.

Ivern and Graves should not surprise players who have been experimenting in the preseason with the new items. In particular, at all ranks, Ivern will have a two-second increase in its Q cooldown and a reduced AP ratio on its E. From 68 to 66, Graves will see a base AD nerf, making it a little harder to jungle early. 

These two junglers have flourished from access to new legendary and legendary items, making it difficult to play against them in all ranks.

While Malphite and Taliyah are niche choices, during the preseason they have been powerful nevertheless. The armor damage ratio of Malphite has been reduced by five percent and its armor ratio has been reduced by 10 percent. 

Due to her roaming pressure, Taliyah has been thriving in the jungle, so her passive speed of movement is being reduced.

League of Legends in game chat – Patch 11.1

Riot will continue to tweak the in game chat of League of Legends over the next couple of patches as it revealed today.

LOL Patch 11.1 will bring about changes to Drag Select. And in 11.2, along with some scaling improvements to boost resolutions, the pesky end of game double-enter bug will finally be patched.

Jordan Checkman, senior experience designer, outlined numerous improvements to Patches 11.1 and 11.2 that could greatly enhance the experience of the player.

As for players struggling with typing while their champion moves, Checkman says it’s on the radar of Riot. But there’s still no scheduled patch available. After right-clicking on the Rift, this will let players type in chat to direct their movement.

As we head into the start of the new season, Patch 11.1 aims to shake up the League meta entirely. Soon, players can find out what’s in store for the start of the season.