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Tips To Become The Last Survivor In Survivor Game PUBG


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a genre of shooters in the form of a survivor arena. Since its debut on Steam, this game has brought a replacement breeze and attracted a lot of attention from gamers. The following article will guide you on some tips to become the last survivor in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Press Ctrl + T immediately – PUBG tip

Before you start playing, you will be placed in a PUBG lobby to prepare and arrange the system for players. Press Ctrl + T immediately to disable voice chat if you do not want other players to hear your plan.

This time in the lobby is only about 1 minute before the system puts all players on a plane before dropping on the island. Time on the plane is often when people talk to get acquainted with each other, or even cursing, causing resentment before starting to kill each other.

Therefore, it is better to turn off the voice chat as soon as possible and do not think about turning it on if you do not want your opponent to know all your plans and use it against you.

Change the default keypress accordingly


One thing that you will want to do when you intend to enter a survival match is to change the default button of the game to suit you. For example, in the game, the default key for C is to sit and the Ctrl key to walk. Most gamers’ habits will leave the Ctrl key to sit. If you are not familiar, please change it.

After making changes, remember to click Apply, otherwise, all your changes will not be saved.

When skydiving, try to fall slowly and watch – PUBG tip


Another PUBG tip for you, after getting off the plane, you and the other players will have to jump to land on the island. Most people will attempt to land earlier, perhaps to search out weapons and equipment for survival soon, however, you should not. Use the third view mode (default key is V) while skydiving to be able to see where other players have landed to choose an empty area.

You should land in an area as far as possible to avoid clashes and can easily collect more items. Of course, the further away from the center, the more you will have to worry about narrowing the area limit, but nothing to worry about, you will have enough time to collect the necessary equipment and move to the central area before the first time narrowing the zone limit.

While falling, press W key repeatedly to increase the distance of falling. Also, you can choose to open parachute whenever on the flight. However, though it will automatically pop out when it reaches a certain distance on the ground, don’t worry if you forget to turn it on.