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In DOTA 2: The heroes can help you hide weaknesses in terms of skills



For those who do not have good skills, especially just starting to get familiar with the DOTA 2 game, the most important thing for them is probably to find the true champions to practice, as well as have more interested in exploring this game.

It would be a disaster to bring Meepo, Invoker, or Chen into the hands of newbies. That will cause frustration as well as frustration not only for their teammates but also for the newbie himself. Ideally, start with the hero hide weaknesses skill. These heroes are not all that stand out, but they are certainly extremely easy to play and their power is undisputed.


This is probably the simplest and most playable champion in DOTA 2, especially for newbies, who are in need of the hero hide weaknesses skills good. Has a large amount of early game damage, plus 2 passive skills that help this hero last hit and stay extremely easy in the early stages of the game. Adding the ultimate ability to revive with full blood and mana, the Wraith King is clearly an extremely solid and reliable choice for a newbie.

Wraith King is Dendi and many other DOTA 2 pro still called a one-button hero. Because simply, with the skillset with 3 passive skills, the Wraith King simply uses only the Wraithfire Blast skill – the skill that helps this immortal king to stun and slow a target.

Even after reviving from the Reincarnation, the Wraith King only has to continue using the Wraithfire Blast and then slash, slash and slash. Easy to farm, easy to lane, also easy to gank and can take the position of carrying, a tanker in the team fight, Wraith King is clearly an extremely safe and quality choice for newcomers of DOTA 2.


This deserves to be considered one of the most easy-to-play for new players who need the hero hide weaknesses in DOTA 2. Your task is simply to use this champion and try to reach level 6 as fast as possible. If strong enough, then it is possible trying to save money to add to Aghanim’s Scepter. Just like that, the power of Ogre Magi will be promoted to the fullest.

Specifically, your job when using Ogre Magi in combat is simply to use Fireblast (and Unrefined Fireblast if Aghanim’s Scepter) is continuous pray to God to give yourself Multicast x4 phases. But also should buff Bloodlust for teammates or use Ignite to slow the enemy. But those things will be useless if your Fireblast is not multicast.

Even in the late game, two multicast x4 phases from Fireblast and Unrefined Fireblast alone can help Ogre Magi solo any hero on the opponent’s side if you’re lucky. No need to play well, just luck is the characteristic of this hero.

That’s not to mention, at the beginning of the game, Ogre Magi was extremely tough and scary with his tremendous damage. Learn Ignite at level 1, along with trying to get shoes and Orb of Venom. Ogre Magi can completely chase and solo kill the stray support heroes on the opponent’s side with extremely absorbent hand knocks at an early stage.