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Indian Valorant pro Xhade confesses to cheating


Valorant indian pro player Abhay “Xhade” Urkude has admitted to cheating in ranked matches following a ban by Riot Games.


Xhade of the Indian Valorant team Paratroop was disqualified from the Esports Club Invitational after receiving ban just before the semi finals matchup.

Initially, the player was adamant that, in any shady business, he was not complicit. However, he was pestered by his teammates and a few Indian professional players to speak the truth.

Xhade admits using cheats in Valorant only to reach Radiant

Xhade had previously pleaded innocent in the case. He claimed that he had never used any third-party cheating applications, and that he was tired of showing everyone his innocence.

The community initially trusted him and even supported his innocence. Many noteworthy professional players said that Vanguard may have made a mistake. Everything, though, came tumbling down on him soon after.

His recent confession has been streamed online, and several notable esports players and organizers have heard it. He also explained his reasoning during competitive matches for exploiting these hacks.

This confession has proven him to be guilty. The former pro Valorant said he didn’t use aim, and only used wallhacks. As he went on to specify that his intention was only to reach Radiant, his tone seemed far from apologetic.

Teammates were stunned by Xhade disqualification

His teammates were stunned by Xhade disqualification, who continuously reached out to Riot Games to determine the cause behind the ban. 

The youngster later confirmed that he never hacked in the tournament and that his cheating in Valorant ranked games was the sole reason for the ban.

“I just want to rank up, become Radiant, but hackers hindered my advancement. I got worked up and used hacks to jump the ladder. I purchased the hacks for one day, and used it in just three matches,” said Xhade.

A major blow to Indian Valorant scene

He may have been banned from Valorant, but the consequences of his actions have been very serious. As India’s Valorant esports are still in their embryonic stages, his ban comes at a critical time. 

Renowned Indian CS:GO professionals criticized Xhade for staining the local scene on Binks’ stream, years after the Nikhil “forsaken” Kumawat controversy that greatly destroyed Indian esports. The players stressed that within one night, “forsaken” ruined their careers, as low tier rosters began belittling Indian teams after his ban.

In 2018, “forsaken” player of OpTic India was caught cheating on the live webcam of the Extremesland Finals, resulting in his ban and disbanding of the team. Forsaken’s cheating left a long lasting mark on Indian sport that fresh talent was coping with. 

Even so, the sudden boom of organizations such as Vitality and Fnatic in Indian professional players has managed to help to revive the scene.

After the heavy backlash, Xhade removed his YouTube channel.