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Indivisible Guide – Tips And Tricks For New Players



After a long time of development, Indivisible has finally been perfected by Skullgirls developer Lab Zero. This unique adventure combines combat and platform mechanics into one RPG. Fighting, in particular, takes some getting used to, so brace yourself to save the world with our handy guide full of tips and tricks to get you started.

Use The Right Attack – Indivisible


Each character has an up or down attack in addition to their standard attack. These attacks range from attacks that can launch enemies to attacks that fire multiple times at once, dealing damage over a wide area, or applying healing or debuffs.

Don’t just crush buttons and use your attack variations for its sake. For example, Ajna’s up and down attacks are useful in certain situations but deal slightly less damage than her standard attack – so if you’re just trying to deal damage maximum, you should stick to that blow.

Attack In Combos

In general, it’s best to unleash all of your character’s attacks at once in Indivisible, as a large combo attack that uses more ‘pips’ deals more damage. A slower attack sequence can stop your enemies from attacking in the meantime, but your other character’s pips won’t reload in the process, so there’s little benefit unless the attacks you are using need a specific time.

If possible, wait until your whole team’s pips are reloaded. Attack once, wait for a full charge, then attack again.

Get A Sneaky Upper Hand – Indivisible

It is a great advantage to join the battle-ready to make a special attack. You can build an Iddhi meter – and a combo meter – before a battle by hitting an enemy multiple times in a row. 

When you unlock the bow near the beginning of the game, you can hit the enemy multiple times before properly starting the battle. This won’t damage them but will stun them and refill your meter with each shot.


Even better, you can do a little trick with your bow to make it easier for you to kill the enemy’s health without having to enter the game properly. If you approach an enemy, strike first with your bow, then quickly alternate slashing axes with arrows. 

Indivisible, You can often delay the exact start of the battle, sometimes indefinitely, while still inflicting massive damage to enemies with your ax. This is especially effective when you place them against a wall. However, when you unlock the spear later, you can pre-damage the enemy more easily!

Look Out For Secrets


Make sure you explore the levels of Indivisible in all directions, keeping an eye out for secrets. This can often give you Rings (red gems can be used to upgrade) as well as other bonuses. Here’s one of the ways to get you started at the start of the game: when you leave the temple where you’re hunting for easter lilies and come across the save bell, climb up and stick to the left by Use the ax to grab the ledge to get a ring.