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inFAMOUS: Second Son Guide- Some Quick Tips For Starting Out

Infamous: Second Son

Infamous: Second Son

Infamous: Second Son is a hot topic in gaming right now, as it is the first trilogy – a PlayStation 4 exclusive since launch. Many people are just joining the new generation with this title, and most are loving the fluid gameplay and beautiful graphics. We at just one have decided to give you 5 quick tips to succeed.

Use powers wisely

Each Infamous: Second Son‘s Power has a unique style and specialty, and not every strength is as good as what others might be good at. Make sure you know the strengths and weaknesses of each capacity and use these to your advantage in battle and while traveling through the city of Seattle. The smoke power, for example, is a great long-range weapon and can be lethal with cinder missiles and other powerful shots. 

However, smoke is one of the slowest powers on Traversal, being the only way to quickly climb a building using a red vent, which is not always in view. On the other hand, neon is a very useful power for side and long-range combat but can be ineffective at close range. Learning the truths about your strength is crucial to effectiveness and success in infamous: the second son, so make sure you do it fast when you get a new power.

Karmic streaks – Infamous: Second Son

Your Karmic streaks are extremely powerful tools that you can use once you have subdued a certain amount of enemies if you are good Karma or have killed a certain amount of enemies in a while if you are evil Karma. Once you’ve completed what you need to do the Karmic streak, you can use it unless you die, in which case you have to complete the restrictions again. 

These Karmic streaks are the most powerful weapons in the game, and you have to learn how to use them while you’re in a bind. The best place to use these is at the mobile command centers dotted around Seattle, as they contain plenty of enemies that can kill you quickly. The strongest Karmic chains are Neon, but all of them are very useful and deadly. Just make sure you’re in an open area when you’re about to do an orbital drop.

Blast Shards – Infamous: Second Son

This may sound like a finisher mentality, but collecting all the shards and completing all the side quests will help you have a much easier time with the game. The main side quests you have to complete are the stencil art quests like you can choose a good or bad picture, and they give you a good amount of Karma for each completed quest. The other side quests have little effect on karma and the game, but completing them all gives you a nice silver trophy for each. There are also short activities such as drug bust or disbanding an activism rally. 

All of these will slowly increase your Karma whichever way you’re playing, and you can only reach good or evil Karma if you complete these. Fragments, on the other hand, are very important. Whenever you see one of the copperers buzzing around, shoot it down and get rid of the shards. These shards allow you to upgrade your powers and collecting them all will allow you to fully upgrade each ability.

Use Stealth Often

To avoid being ravaged by Dup in Infamous: Second Son, Delsin has some basic stealth mechanics that can come in quite handy. When sneaking around, he can incapacitate enemies quietly without being seen. His video power is probably the most useful for stealth as it comes with a stealth move, if you want to pick one of your enemies one by one while remaining undetected. Be warned, since the stealth mechanics in this game are pretty basic, you can’t afford to be overly confident when a false move will alert your enemies.