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Infinity eSports vs Peace Prediction – World Championship – 10/06

Infinity eSports vs Peace Prediction

Infinity eSports vs Peace prediction on October 06, 2021. Infinity eSports will still be the more appreciated team in this match. Peace is just a team from a country that only officially has bonuses for professional teams in the professional tournament for about 2 years back.

Infinity eSports Overview

Infinity eSports vs Peace Prediction

After winning the championship to represent the LLA region including Argentina, Mexico, Chile, and Costarica to play at MSI 2021, Infinity eSports couldn’t do much when it fell in. 1 group of destruction with the participation of Korean champion DAMWON KIA Gaming and North American champion Cloud 9. 

Soon to break up with the tournament with 1 win 5 losses and negative 8 difference. Infinity eSports return to LLA and once again successfully defend their throne in the region. This result also led them to Group A of the Play-Ins round of the 2021 world finals, facing them in the match. The first match will be Peace.

Peace Overview

Infinity eSports vs Peace Prediction

In the Oceania region, Pentanet.GG has long been the dominant team. Nothing will change in the first half of 2021 when this team continues to win the LCO 2021 Split 1. Later that became the representative of the region to play at the Mid Invitationals 2021. 

Returning to the glory of bringing Australia with the 5th place overall from this tournament. No one thought that Pentanet.GG could suddenly miss the appointment. with the 2021 world finals but the truth is that this happened. The defending runner-up in the Split 1 season paid both capital and profit to Pentanet.GG in the Split 2 final. Defeating the opponent in 3 blank games, thereby officially becoming the new king in the region and receiving the award. was honored to participate in the Play-Ins World Finals this year.

Infinity eSports vs Peace Prediction

The ban/pick in this match doesn’t seem to be able to make it difficult for LNG Esports. It is not ruled out that they will continue to hide their cards to prepare for World Championship. Instead of trying to put forth their best in a bo1 match against a team that is weaker in all aspects. 

In contrast, Infinity eSports they have no way back and will have to get their best champions like Lucian, Nami, Amumu, Sylas… The problem is that difference in strength and gameplay makes Infinity eSports very difficult to win the battle. 

Infinity eSports vs Peace Prediction

The limited ability to farm makes the difference in the amount of gold bigger and bigger. Not to mention the fact that LNG Esports roams are also extremely understanding to stalk people, making Infinity Esports even more difficult. 

All major goals are within the control of the representative from the LPL and the first blood will not be out of reach of this team. Performing Snowball early against a weak opponent will quickly give LNG Esports a controlled amount of vision in the dragon cave area as well as Baron. Even if a fight breaks out, the loser will still be Infinity eSports.

Infinity eSports vs Peace Bet Prediction

Infinity eSports vs Peace total score prediction:

Game 1: Infinity eSports wins

Total score 1-0

First blood:

Game 1: Infinity eSports

Total kills:

Game 1: Peace 4 – 16 Infinity eSports


Infinity eSports: WhiteLotus, Kz, cody, SolidSnake, Buggax, Ackerman, Brayaron

Peace: Tally, Vizicsacsi, Api, LeeSA, Aladoric, Babip, Violet, Halo, Chayon, Zingy