April 19, 2021


Game CMD 368

Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Atrocitus



Red Lantern Atrocitus seeks revenge on all members of the Sinestro Legion for their murderous oppression of his homeworld. His hatred ignited a transgalactic path that led him to Earth. Realizing an opportunity on the planet after the Regime, he focused on strengthening the Red Lantern ranks by igniting flames of rage.

Atrocitus Base Stats and Costumes

  • STR: 1250
  • ABL: 950
  • DEF: 900
  • HP: 1050

He has stone-red skin with golden eyes and has a Red Lantern emblem on his chest.

Atrocitus Move List

Rage Charge

Back, Forward + Light Attack

He rushed forward and swung his fist in rage. When this attack starts, he will continue swinging until the end. For the watch recording version, press the Record Clock button on the last hit and he will take out his opponent and vomit him in the face.


Down, Back + Light Attack

Wherever the enemy stood was a vortex of blood that would lift them off the ground and sweep them into the air. Great for attacking them wherever they stand and setting up beautiful combos. Meter Burn to lift them into the air to expand combos.

Napalm Vomit

Back, Forward + Medium Attack

Atrocitus throws molten lava at anyone nearby. The burned watch made him staggered forward as he dashed a further distance.

Up Napalm Vomit

Down, Forward + Medium Attack

He throws molten lava diagonally into the air. The burned watch made him staggered forward as he dashed a further distance. This is a great anti-aircraft tool.

Life Drain

Down, Back + Heavy Attack

When activated, he has a red halo around. Stand within a distance of your opponent to deal damage over time. If he can suck an opponent long enough, it will hit hard and turn red. Enter down, down + Record clock to explode energy around you. If he steps away from the opponent, he will no longer glow and cannot perform Meter Burn.

Other moves

Throws: He grabbed his opponent and spewed fire in their faces, forcing them to their knees, and tossing them upwards with a kick in the jaw.

Atrocitus Super move

The Butcher begins with him swinging a thorny hand at his enemy. Successfully attacking his enemies will send them to a hell setting, where he will punch them into a rock and then summon a red bull to attack them. To finish them off, he began to vomit blood that burned his enemies’ bodies until they returned to the battlefield.

Character Power


Dex Starr is a loyal companion to Atrocitus. This fiery cat can rush at enemies (Down + Character Strength), create a protective barrier for him (Progress + Character Strength), or shoot bullets at enemies (Character Strength button).


Atrocitus can exert strong pressure but is slower than many other characters. His Rage Charge is a great way to close the gap and keep punches, but you’ll be left open if you just do it for no reason. Wait for your opponent to move and consider using your Napalm Vomit for aerial combat then Rage Charge them.