April 14, 2021


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Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Bizarro



Bizarro is an imperfect clone of Superman and serves as the main villain in the Year Five Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic comic series. He was an Exceptional Foreigner in Injustice 2.

Bizarro Biography


He is Superman’s perfect imperfect clone, acting as his villain (or ally, depending on the situation). Originally created to be a Superman clone by Lex Luthor using blue kryptonite, his poorly constructed genetics makes him the complete opposite. As such, he sometimes spoke against himself.

Powers and Abilities

Despite being a flawed clone of Superman, Bizarro still possesses all of the innate abilities of an adult Kryptonian under Sol’s golden sunlight. His sublime strength, speed, and stamina are on par with Superman, and he also has the power to fly, completely invulnerable, and a variety of psychic abilities such as hyper-hearing and vision. He was strong enough to fight Superman, Solomon Grundy, and Yellow Lantern at the same time as the winner, and survived several matches against Doomsday.

He shares most of Superman’s abilities despite being reversed, such as frozen vision instead of thermal vision, flame breathing instead of frozen breath, or vacuum breathing instead of super breathing.

Bizarro Special Moves

  • Super Breath: He exhales a gust of wind to blow his opponent away. Meter Burn version turns Super Breath into Fire Breath and burns them on the spot.
  • Ice Vision: He shoots a pair of intense cold rays from his eyes at his opponent. The Meter Burn version fires another powerful blast after the first connects. Can be done in the air.
  • Rising Grab: He jumped into the air, grabbed his opponents and smashed them to the ground. The Meter Burn version has him go higher and throw his opponent down harder.
  • Flying Punch: He rushes forward and punches his opponent to the ground. The Meter Burn version adds two extra punches.
  • Flying Ground Smash: Bizarro flies into the sky and plunges down his opponent from above. The Meter Burn version has him lift his opponents in the air and smash them back to the ground.
  • Cold Zap: He shoots a quick blast of ice at the opponent. This can be Meter Burned as an Ability and is called Empowered Cold Zap.
  • Low Scoop: He flings his opponents by knocking them off their feet with a quick sweep.
  • Lockdown Launch: He hurls his opponents into the air and punches them to the ground. The Meter Burn version turns it into a combo starter kit.
  • Ground Tremor: He smashes his fists to the ground, creating a shock wave that deals damage. The Meter Burn version adds an extra pound of ground that can knock opponents off their feet.
  • Air Cold Zap: He performs his Cold Zap in mid-air.
  • Krypton Charge: He lunges at his opponent in mid-air, knocking them out on the screen.

Bizarro Super Move

  • Final Flight: Bizarro flies forward to grab his opponents by the necks and launch them into the stratosphere with a powerful punch. Chasing them, he threw two more punches, then flew forward and caught them. Then he dashed down, smashing his opponent to the ground.
  • Meteor Drop: Bizzaro enters orbit and smashes a meteor at his opponent’s head, triggering Final Flight.