April 18, 2021


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Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Black Adam

Black Adam

Black Adam

After a brutal battle with mages, he has been imprisoned for thousands of years. But now he’s free again, and his insatiable quest to conquer the world, to control all of magic, continues. The only thing in his way is Shazam! The new champion of magic – and Black Adam will do whatever it takes to destroy him and assert his status as the true ruler of the world.


Black Adam

Teth-Adam was raised as the legendary Ramesses II’s son. As he reached adulthood, he approached the sorcerer known as Shazam, where he was bestowed with the power of the Egyptian gods (represented by Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton and Mehen.) His ability to exploit them says the magic word “SHAZAM!”

After the regime collapsed, Black Adam returned to his defeated and humiliated home. Always hidden from the watch of Batman, Kahndaq became a safe haven for the remnants of the Mode. There, they wait for the day when they can together restore the regime’s domination of the world.

Black Adam Special Moves

  • Lightning storm: He shock his opponent with electric jets. The Meter Burn version increases the damage and intensity of the lightning, as well as knocks his opponent across the screen.
  • Black Magic: He summons a dark cloud around his opponent to trigger a beam of light. Meter Burn version adds attacks and hits back the opponent.
  • Lightning Cage: He hits the ground with both hands, creating a small clay cage around him. The Meter Burn version has Adam summoning a bolt of lightning, allowing for further attacks. In Injustice 2, this can be done in the air as a possibility.
  • Lightning Strike: He summons a dark cloud above his head and sends a sudden lightning bolt at the opponent. The Meter Burn version adds more bolts and deals more damage.
  • Boot Stomp: He drops his opponent from the air. The Meter Burn version deals more damage and bounces on opponents.
  • Lightning Bomb: Black Adam throws a lightning ball that explodes when the opponent touches it.
  • Floating Lightning Bomb: He throws a Lightning bomb that floats in place before it explodes.
  • Power of Aton: He blows his opponent away with a straight bolt of lightning. Meter Burn version adds attacks to increase damage.
  • Rolling Thunder: He can summon his Lightning Cage at different distances.
  • Deity’s Bolt: He summons a follow-up lightning that strikes an opponent from above. The Meter Burn version adds an additional attack and allows for subsequent attacks.

Super Move

Black Adam

SHAZAM !!!: He grabbed his opponent and threw them into Egypt, where they crashed into the side of a pyramid. Adam led them through the pyramid and out of the top, shouting, “SHAZAM!” and quickly move out of the way as the lightning strikes the opponent, obliterating the pyramid in the process.

Black Adam Character Trait

  • Orbs of Seth: Summons 3 orbs of lightning to spin around him, damaging anyone in contact. Each orbs can be fired at opponents for small damage.
  • Seth Strike: He shoots the Orbs of Seth into bullets.
  • Soul of Shazam: Black Adam calls for the power of Shazam to increase the damage of his punches.

Other Moves

Grab: He lifts his opponent’s necks and shock them before smashing them to the ground.