April 23, 2021


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Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Black Canary

Black Canary

Black Canary

Dinah Lance almost sacrificed everything in the fight against the Mode but was forced to flee, before the war ended. Now, with Batman restoring order, Black Canary has returned home to settle everything, vowing never to silence his canary’s cry again.

Base Stats

  • Strength: 1100
  • Ability: 1100
  • Defense: 950
  • Health: 1000

Black Canary Move List

Black Canary

High Parry

Down, Forward + Light Attack

Fight off medium to high melee attacks. If you succeed, you will grab your opponent and attack them.

Low Parry

Down, Back + Light Attack

Fight against low melee attacks. If you succeed, you will grab your opponent and attack them.

Soaring Knee

Back, Forward + Medium Attack

Black Canary threw his knee forward to hit multiple shots. Using the burn meter will allow you to escape from opponents and land safely for quick recovery. You can also hold left or right to change your landing position after the watch gets burned.

Canary Drop

Down, Back + Medium Attack

One flip ended with her falling down on her opponent to grab her head and attack them. This can be done in the air. You can also make a version of her drop down closer from where she started the attack by holding back when you hit the Medium Attack button.

Front Handspring

Down, Forward + Medium Attack

She will perform a flip handspring forwards (or backward accordingly). While playing cards, you can hold your heavy attack to perform a flying scissor kick. To perform a multi-kick attack you can hit down and strike heavy in the spring. Finally, you can perform a push kick with a high and heavy attack while moving.

Back Handspring

Down, Back + Heavy Attack

Black Canary Supermove

Black Canary

Sonic Scream is the supermove of Black Canary. When activated, she will jump into the air and scream diagonally down / forward to hit her enemy. She then yelled at her opponent with a cry of her superpower to dip them into the ground. When they were completely trapped, she plunged down with a powerful punch in the face to end her attack.

You can perform this attack while in mid-air but if you do then she won’t soar higher to let out her scream which means if you’re on the ground when activated, You will have a much shorter range.

Character Power

Canary Cry is the unique power of Black Canary: screaming and stunning the opponent. Your Canary Cry has three levels of strength. At level one (yellow at the bottom of the screen), the attack has a short-range and a short stun with it. Level two (orange) is a medium-ranged attack that stuns for one second. Level three (red) is full power. This means she screams in full screen and when hit your opponent will be dizzy and fall to the floor.

You can charge her screams to make the watch rise faster, but this can only be done to charge to a level from where you started. If you start charging at level 1, you can only let out a level 1 or level 2 scream. If you decide to cancel the charge to save yourself or deceive your opponent, press down twice to get out Her postage. This will cost you one level of her character’s strength (from level 2 to level 1, etc.).