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Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Cyborg



Cyborg is a playable heroic character in Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2. He is classified as a Power User.

Victor Stone lost more than his friends at the Metropolis tragedy, he lost hope. His anger has fueled his loyalty to Superman, and he’s still eagerly serving the Mode. With the world unprepared for the looming threat, he may be the only one who can resist Brainiac’s technological prowess.

Story of Cyborg


In a flashback, Cyborg, as an accomplice to Superman’s plan to get rid of the prisoners at Arkham Asylum, is stationed in Gotham to prevent anyone from interfering. Off the screen, he put the approaching Batplane systems in autopilot and appeared before them via Boom Tube to attack them. He fires a warning shot, which doesn’t affect Batman but sends Damian Wayne off course.

He confronts Batman on the ground by admitting that he doesn’t want to attack the latter unless he has to. When Batman refuses to step back, he tells him that he has lost all of his friends at the Metropolis, and a similar incident won’t happen again if Superman does his plan. Batman tells him about his right to anger but dismisses Superman’s plan by saying it’s “not a blank check. And the Justice League is not a death squad”, and the two battle match, which ended in his defeat.

Powers and Abilities

What remains on Victor Stone’s body protected with Promethium metal shaped into a mechanical skeleton, is armed with advanced weapons and continuously synced to the 24/7 internet, allowing Cyborg has access to all and all information stored in the World Wide Web.

His mechanical body gives him superhuman strength and endurance high enough to trade in and survive the blows from Solomon Grundy, despite not being able to tame zombies. His onboard weapons include his trademarked cannon, which can fire high-pitched decibels or small energy spheres, in a single blast, or quick shot. He also possesses a large number of rockets for long-range attacks, which he can fire from a launcher on his back or from the shoulder. He also contains a built-in Boom Tube to allow him to teleport from one location to another.

Although his arsenal is impressive, his real talent is his computer skills. Victor is able to navigate and coordinate major attacks through his natural connection to the web, penetrating almost any security system and fully controlling that system himself, as long as he remains. awake during the takeover. If he was knocked unconscious in the meantime or hacked himself, the response could make him lose consciousness.

Special Moves

  • Nova Blaster: Cyborg transforms his arm into a cannon and fires an orb of yellow energy. Meter Burn version has him firing a second orb into the air.
  • Air Nova Blaster: He shoots a blast of energy while in the air. The Meter Burn version causes a second explosion that shoots and moves downwards.
  • Power Fist: He turns his right arm into a giant mechanical fist and takes down his opponent. The Meter Burn version had the Sonic Disruptor explosion shortly after.
  • Techno Tackle: He attacked and knocked out his opponent. Meter Burn’s version features him firing a Nova Blaster in the chest of an opponent before jumping back up.
  • Sonic Disruptor: He turns his arm into a cannon and emits a series of powerful sound waves from his cannon.
  • Up Sonic Disruptor: He shoots sound waves into the air.
  • Target Acquired: Cyborg launches two rockets from behind and controls their orbits.

Super Move – Cyborg

  • Target Lock: He begins his Super Move by punching an opponent with an extended metal fist. If his punch is successful, the opponent will be stunned long enough for him to turn his upper body into a giant laser cannon that can shoot the opponent with a large beam of energy. After a second, he turned on even more power, blowing away her opponent.
  • Apokolips: Cyborg blows his foes through Boom Tube into Apokolips. The Parademons attack the enemies and pull them back to him through the still open Boom Tube, and he gives them enough effort to destroy the Parademons.