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Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Green Arrow

Green Arrow

Green Arrow

Green Arrow is a playable character in Injustice 2, classified as a Gadget User. It’s a tough path for emerald archers, as this Earth’s Queen Oliver sacrificed her life in the fight against the Mode. Now, Ollie’s Earth’s instead to step in to honor that sacrifice, and he will join his wife Black Canary in Batman’s crusade to make things all right.

Green Arrow Story

Green Arrow

The Green Arrow was first seen waiting for Batman with his wife Black Canary. He was then sent to accompany Harley Quinn and Black Canary on two consecutive missions. Their first mission was to stop Scarecrow from transporting a frightening amount of gas to Grodd from a hideout in Slaughter Swamp. After that, they faced Poison Ivy and then Swamp Thing.

They then invaded Gorilla City, where they defeated several enemies like Doctor Fate, Catwoman, Bane, and Gorilla Grodd along with his ape. They were then captured by Brainiac and put on his ship. They were forced to fight against Black Adam and Aquaman in Kahndaq after being mind-controlled by Grodd. Both are freed after Aquaman kills Grodd with the trident.

Powers and Abilities

Like Batman, Oliver Queen has trained himself to the top of his physical fitness and relied on some technology to help him fight crime, but as Batman uses many items in various forms, he is mainly based on his bow and arrow. Oliver is a trained athlete and has some martial arts skills for basic bare-handed combat tactics, but Oliver’s real skill lies in his mastery of archery. His bow can shoot more than standard arrows, Ollie relies on all sorts of donkey arrows, from the elemental-themed shaft to the arrow with the boxing glove at the end, to the arrow with an explosive head. Ollie can use the bow itself as a standout weapon for surprise attacks.

Green Arrow Special Moves

Green Arrow
  • Sky Alert: Green Arrow shoots an arrow into the air at the jumping opponent. The Meter Burn version has Ollie firing three arrows into the air.
  • Dead On (Air): He jumps into the air and shoots a downward arrow. The Meter Burn version has Ollie firing three down arrows.
  • Savage Blast: He jumps back and shoots an exploding arrow. The Meter Burn version that shoots two explosive arrows, one at long range and the other at short range.
  • Stinger: He slips quickly. The Meter Burn version increases damage while pushing enemies further away and Ollie shoots an exploding arrow.
  • Up Haven Blast: He shoots an arrow that explodes in an arc. The Meter Burn version has Ollie firing a second explosive arrow at a shorter range.
  • Hurricane Bow: He quickly turns his bow towards the opponent before knocking them down with a surprise blow.

Character Power

Green Arrow

Fully Loaded (Circle/B)

He can shoot different types of arrows:

  • Take Aim (Circle / B) – He shoots a standard arrow
  • Burning Desire (Down, Down + Circle / B) – He loads three rocket arrows into its vibrator
  • Frozen Tip (Down, Back + Circle/B) – He refills his knife with an ice arrow
  • Electrocution (Down, Forward + Circle / B) – Green Arrow feeds its knife with two electric arrows

Green Arrow Supermove

Target Practice (R2+L2/RT+LT)

Green Arrow swings his bow at the face of his enemy. This move can be blocked and he can be a medium distance from an opponent. If successful, he lunges at the opponent and shoots an exploding arrow behind them. Throwing enemies at an explosive arrow sends them flying into the sky with Arrow following. As the opponent fell, Arrow fired an ice arrow, freezing them on the floor. The arrows then landed just above their heads, breaking the ice.