Instruction On How To Play League Of Legends Betting At CMD368

What is League Of Legends betting and tips to play? This question that many people have been searching for recently. Since E-sports betting has become popular in the E-sports betting market, the number of LOL betting players has increased greatly.

In today’s article, CMD368 will answer the information related to the League Of Legends betting. Also, introduce you tips to play this game.

Instruction On How To Play League Of Legends Betting At CMD368

What is League Of Legends betting?

League Of Legends betting is a form of betting for the genre of League of Legends game, the house will make bets between the teams, you have to choose the tournament you want to play, then see which pair of heads have Reasonable markets, then bet on that team.

For example, if you want to play in League Of Legends betting game, you will have to choose a tournament you want to bet on and then look at the list of matches taking place during the week.

Introducing the League of Legends betting market

In addition to the excellent quality of the game, Riot has done a good job of communication and E-sports for League of Legends. Riot holds the right to organize all major tournaments including LCS, MSI, Rift Rivals, All-Stars and World Final. The minor leagues must be prestigious partners and the company will closely follow the organization process to ensure the quality of international tournaments like IEM.

Because of this rigor, League of Legends are high quality, attracting millions of viewers every week, this contributes to attracting large sponsors to League.

Therefore, if you are a fan of E-sports betting, LOL is a suitable choice because there are many tournaments taking place every week in regions like NA / EU LCS taking place in North America and Europe. Au. Or LMS in Taiwan, LCK in Korea, LPL in China and GPL in Southeast Asia, etc. A lot, Riot really succeeds in creating so many LoL communities in almost every corner of the world. And matches are going on one after the other so you can bet on your favorite team.

Instruction On How To Play League Of Legends Betting At CMD368

Normally, the World Final, the biggest tournament of the year, always attracts the most betting players because the world’s 16 strongest teams will compete for the throne. Players will bet on their favorite team. Among them, South Korea is the leading candidate and SKT T1 is the No. 1 team that has won the championship number 3 three times, followed by KT Rolster with the superstar squad predicted to overthrow SKT T1 in 2017. There are also teams from the top gaming teams like in North America, there is Team Solomid (TSM) with Bjergsen or Cloud 9. In Europe, there are Gamers2 since joining the EU LCS, they have won consecutive championships and have not shown any signs of stopping.

Popular League of Legends betting content

  • Handicap: Choose a winner with an advantage, for example, +1.5 is the team that only needs to win a game to win because the maximum score is 2-1.
  • Top: The match will take 3 matches or only 2 matches.
  • Champions: The team that wins the whole series.
  • Game 1 Winner: The team that wins the first match.
  • Game 1 First Blood: The team gets the first victory.
  • Game 1 – First to Reach 5 Kills: The first team to gain 5 lives.
  • Game 1 – Duration: The duration of the game is longer or shorter than 35 minutes.

The betting content listed above is very popular in most bookmakers, especially the ones introduced by CMD368 and if you regularly follow tournaments and teams you will also be very predictable. Get some bets. For example, the match is KT vs SSG, these two teams are two strong teams in the LCK, so it is likely that there will be 3 matches.

Instruction On How To Play League Of Legends Betting At CMD368

Instruction for League of Legends betting at CMD368

As one of the leading bookmakers in the area, CMD368 invests strongly in E-sports betting, of which League of Legends is one of the world’s most popular games put on the list by CMD368 along with other games.

Easy to use betting interface and attractive odds are the advantages of CMD368. Even the 2nd tier leagues of the regions have this house for you to choose from.

If you want to join the League Of Legends betting, then follow the procedure below:

Access the dealer via Link to CMD368 

Signing up to open CMD368 account is very simple and now the house also has many promotions for E-sports betting.

Go to E-SPORTS to bet on League of Legends

As mentioned before CMD368 is very focused on E-sports so the E-sports section is right on the CMD368 main menu so it’s easy to find.

League of Legends betting tips on CMD368

Learn the league and the two teams play

Each tournament will have its own participation rules, different squads. Therefore, you should inquire about the tournament before placing a bet. In addition, understanding the playstyle of both teams is also essential. Know the enemy and know that we have seen a hundred battles. With every tournament, some teams still standstill, some have trained to become sharper. Learn how each team plays to help you make an accurate judgment.

Refer to the judgment of the gamers

Maybe you are not a good LOL player, you can hardly judge the gameplay of each team. Then refer to other gamers, they will help you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each level. From there you can draw your own comments and wagers.


E-sports is growing. As well as the League Of Legends betting market, more and more exciting, attracting many participants. Hopefully, the above information has helped you synthesize the necessary information, have a more detailed view and better understand how to play E-sports betting at CMD368. Wish you have moments of interesting E-sports betting!