July 28, 2021


Game CMD 368

Instructions For Playing Faceless Void In Initiator, Semi-Carry Position

Faceless Void

Faceless Void

Faceless Void is a hero that is very destructive in battles with wide crowd control ultimate. With the current gameplay, Void is not tied to the Carry role but can play in the Offlaner cum Semi Carry style.

How To Play Faceless Void – Advantages / Disadvantages

Faceless Void


  • The lane is quite stiff with Time walk improving longevity.
  • Chronosphere is one of the most disgusting AoE disables of Dota, not only you but your teammates can take advantage of it.
  • Time dilation turns off annoying spammy skills
  • Flexible gameplay, sometimes can not be too tied on items


  • Chronosphere is also one of the skills that are easy to turn over your teammate
  • Low on health, easy to die from skills damage coming from the ultimate
  • Depends heavily on Chronosphere to be able to fight
  • Getting the root, silence is easy to turn off the power

Skill Table For Faceless Void

Faceless Void

In terms of skills, you will level 2 skills: Time walk and Time lock first, Time walk gives you considerable mobility and survives very well to catch and escape ganks, and Time lock for you A great source of bonus damage to fight early. Time dilation is increased after the 2 previous abilities are maxed, Chronosphere is promoted last.

About Talent:

  • Lv10 takes +8 Strength to increase the strength (entering Chronosphere is easy to eat stray bullets from outside).
  • Lv15 feels that strong enough, then taking the damage increase for Time lock to knock for pain, and the type of strength to weigh the galaxy with 300 health is also worth considering.
  • Lv20 takes 500 jump range for Timewalk to increase mobility, the Faceless Void ‘s items have quite a bit of attack speed so there’s no need to pay attention to that point.
  • Optional Lv25, 25% backtrack brings the Void back to the past with a fictional 25% block successive damage. Or if you feel that the other team is so obnoxious, use a +175 radius increase for the cage to capture no missing.

How To Play Faceless Void

Faceless Void

Early game

At the beginning of the game, Faceless Void should go offlaner (the name guide says it all), which is the top lane of Radiant and the bottom of Dire. Here stone bricks are always ready for you to build a villa, but use it to build the foundation for a victory. Maybe a bit of gold and EXP will be a bit, but it’s okay we will farm to compensate later.

Last hits can revolve around the Time walk’s cooldown, hit about 1 2 with harrassed, just take one and you’ll have health refund (as long as don’t play muddy, lest stun for more than 2 seconds the blood will not be refunded. Difficult to breathe, sometimes the Shrine. Try to stick to the lane until your teammates come down to help (maybe you are about level 6, 7 something).

Mid game

There are many ways to land a beautiful Chronosphere. The first thing is the factor of surprise, make sure your team has dewarded all your raid locations, either use Smoke of deceit or use Mirana’s Moonlight shadow. Without the element of surprise, the opponent can easily evade the Chronosphere with the ability to fall or Blink dagger with fast enough reflexes.

Remembering the Chronosphere’s AoE is a huge advantage, it helps you calculate the standing distance between the enemy heroes and come up with the perfect ultimate position. When shooting the cage, try not to leave out the factors that threaten the Chronosphere’s success or failure if possible. Beat anyone, you know, Early beat the support, Mid-game beat mid, sup 4 and Late game then beat Carry.

There is another use for Chronosphere if your “co-ganks” are melee heroes. Instead of shooting the opponent in the center of the cage, you take it right in front of the enemy to force them to step into it. Not only are they “frozen”, but the heroes caught also have their backs left out of the cage, and the melee heroes can be used to get them right away.

During this stage, Faceless Void ‘s gameplay is mostly around the Chronosphere. Having her ultimate is aggressive, pushing the team turrets to exert pressure to create combat, otherwise, she is hiding the farm core item. With his own Aghanims Scepter, the team can fight continuously, and sometimes this is the right thing to do (rush Aghanim’s Scepter first) if your team has early damage.

Late game

The success or failure of a fight, sometimes an entire match, is in your Chronosphere. But don’t lose your temper so you can’t focus while sweating hands. During this stage, if your team has a Faceless Void, the enemy will know how to stand apart from so that 4 5 people will not suffer from the same cage, and it will be easy to cover each other in time. Knowing that it is not necessary to try to capture as many people as possible, but find important targets.

Usually Carry heroes are in sight, but heroes that can easily break your team set up or save a good friend should also be targeted first, depending on your situation and understanding. on the enemy’s position, sometimes even thanks to teammates “bait” the important skills first. The gameplay is the same, everything has to revolve around the Chronosphere, without it there is no combat. Tell your teammates by Alt + click on the skill.