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Instructions for playing Sage characters in Valorant

Instructions for playing Sage characters in Valorant

Instructions for playing Sage characters in Valorant

With instructions on playing Sage character in Valorant below, you will know how to play her – the “resident doctor” in Valorant, who heals allies’ wounds and slows down enemies to teammates who can escape danger safely.

How to play Sage – Healing orb skills

Instructions for playing Sage characters in Valorant

Sage throws a ball that heals wounds and heals allies and yourself, this skill is beneficial when you and your allies are low on health but still want to continue the fight and don’t want to be killed by enemies.

How to play Sage – Slow Orb skills

With this ability, she throws a ball that, when dropped to the ground, forms an area that looks like a field that binds the enemy’s feet, slowing them down and making noise when moving. This skill is extremely helpful to create a tool that obscures the view and will make it difficult for enemies to accidentally fall into.

When using this skill and combine combat with allies who are agents capable of stealthing/obscuring visibility, it’ll be very beneficial for the team. This is because the enemy can hardly realize that they’re going into a dangerous trap that puts them in danger of death.

Barrier Orb Skill

Instructions for playing Sage characters in Valorant

When activating this skill, you will create a large, solid wall blocking the enemy’s path. Right-click to adjust the direction of the wall before you place it. Her Barrier Orb skill is not only useful when it comes to preventing choking fights, splitting the opponent team formation, and also creating a perfect height for allies who need to jump to a certain location.

Ultimate Skill: Resurrection

Resurrection is that the best skill of Sage, inflicting her to be dubbed the “guardian angel”. Resurrection allows her to revive fallen allies with 100% health. This skill is naturally very helpful because it’ll help allies continue to fight with the team. When the squad isn’t lacking agents, of course, the strength and ability to win are also higher.