August 3, 2021


Game CMD 368

Instructions On How To Play Anti-Mage In The Traditional Farmer Position



Anti-Mage is an old Dota Hero, with the ability to Carry terribly as well as quickly destroy Heroes with lots of mana.

How To Play Anti-Mage – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Good attack, quick-hitting and easy to hit the last hit
  • Flexible, hard to catch
  • Strong against magic damage, a little more armor is like a bulldozer
  • Employing is extremely annoying, putting great pressure on the enemy team when it comes to late


  • The beginning of the game is as fragile as paper but short-handed
  • Need to farm a lot of things, a farm is to determine “Department of divine weight”
  • Category of swimming to punching vegetarian but without any disable hold any
  • Late game is not as strong as the pure carry

Skills Table For Anti-Mage


About the talent we add as follows:

  • Talent lv10: AM has a very good attack speed, and his core is also full of damage with Agi tanks, so he gains 175 health for buffalo
  • Talent lv15: depending on the situation, if you like then retake 15 Agi for the body, and feel that the enemy team has a good grip ability, reducing 2 seconds [sk blink-1] will overcome the problem all day. menacing ass
  • Talent lv20: 2 points will be raised according to the situation. If the game does not have anything special, you should get a clone when using [sk blink-1], the goal is after running and “laying” more shadows to tease the mouths of those who mess. want to chase. The remaining point, as long as you meet the Bloodseeker in the other team, get it right away
  • Talent lv25: if you meet the other team, your brain is big, take a 50-second reduction for Mana Void’s recoil for pleasure, this game is not afraid of late-game so 25% magic resistance is only secondary.

How To Play Anti-Mage

Early game

Anti-Mage is best suited to the Carry role under the auspices of Support, so fighting Easy Lane (bot Radiant and top Dire) is a reasonable choice, but you can also try new styles (AM offlane, solo mid, … wtf I’ve just said ??).

AM has a very good animation due to a part of the slash that makes it easier to last hit. AM has the terrific farming ability, on Dotabuff he has the 2nd highest average GPM after Alchemist (behind Natures Prophet and Juggernaut), take advantage of his great potential. He will be very hard to die with [sk blink-1] and can get out of a safe gank, though he should not abuse his luck.

He has the Strength stat like crotch pants (1.3 per level, what a physiological weak guy), plus a thin starting armor, only need to stack about 2 stuns or more to identify a wince. Meet some kind of bind or Root (Frost Bite, Overgrowth, Ensnare, …) and silence, only the country will die.

During this phase, fighting is not necessary for AM before he completes some important items. AM has no skill to hold down enemies and enough damage to kill the enemy, he is a Hard Carry that takes deadly stuff and needs to farm a lot.

Mid game

You’ve got the ultimate Mana Void, although this doesn’t make you any stronger. If conditions permit, join the teamfight when everything goes into the final, before checking the mana of the Support, enemy Caster team, and calculate the damage for Mana Void.

For example, with a Skywrath Mage nearly 1,000 mana and a mana pot with only 50 creaking points, exploding on this guy with a level 1 Ulti will achieve nearly 600 deadly damage if the blood is still low.

Aiming at those who mana as much as possible but using as much as possible (Skywrath Mage, [h zeus], ​​Lina, Storm Spirit …), base their position next to other heroes to create destruction effect on widespread.

Another example, imagine a Storm Spirit guy nearly 3000 mana and it ran out of gas and still standing next to the team pulling down the turret when calculating the damage for Mana Void, this number at max level Ulti is … 3300 damage. It felt like an explosion, and the damage was not only inflicted on him but also on his teammates. Why does the enemy team have Anti-Mage but the teammates keep drifting away from the guys with high mana: v

Back to the main task of AM is farming, after completing the Battle Fury he is not really hard, he has to farm for a while longer to get Manta Style luck (luck) to fight OK, AM can combine farming and pushing. Ask for eye support to help you continue your work “labor is glory, farming is art”.

Late game


At this stage, AM became a terrible team weighing force. With a relative amount of items in your hand, you can easily shove onions into their ass with just a few slashes, and there’s plenty of time to knock out the remaining carry.

But do not be to the illusion of power, wait for the Initiator to fly into the opening and the support skills are launched simultaneously, quietly flying behind the enemy team, opening Manta Style, and using Abyssal Blade to close the mouth.

The brain is very big, making sure 3 seconds later stop breathing. If the wind changes, you can still quickly fly out with [sk blink-1] and wait for health regen from Heart of Tarrasque. AM chases very well, he can catch up to the opponent continuously if his target can only run.

If you feel that the teamfight is not good, then Anti-Mage should stick to a lane. AM’s rat speed is relatively fast, so if your team can handle it, you can overwhelm the towers and the enemy rats.