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Instructions On How To Play Chen As Jungler, Support, Ganker And Pusher



Chen is one of the closest high-complexity heroes Dota 2, with the power coming from the help of the creatures in the jungle that aid him in his battles.

Guide To Play Chen – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • One of the most effective heroes in Dota 2
  • The skill potential is very diverse from combining the skills of jungle monsters
  • Healing cave heals with Hand of God from a distance
  • Push turrets must be said early on is terrible
  • Even when dying, you won’t lose your effectiveness in the teamfight


  • Difficult to play because it takes a lot of manipulation (the main reason many players think that this hero has been deleted)
  • Absolutely no escape skills (will die for sure once caught)
  • If you don’t get the good students, you will stand on your knees
  • Rushing Aghanims Scepter early is not easy when you have to give up the farm

Skill Table For Chen


We will max before Holy Persuasion to take advantage of the numbers in early pushes or odd ganks. Next is the Test of faith, a versatile tool that can be used to both heal and move units of all kinds. The disabled have the jungle monsters taken care of so Penitence can be added in the end. Ultimate got the right level

  • Talent lv10: take 25% increase exp to rush level for fast because this child quite needs level to maintain strength
  • Talent lv15: 10 seconds reduction of Test of faith to break the mouth of an enemy who is lying, in addition to being able to maintain mobility for the pet flock or to save the team thanks to the health buff ability.
  • Talent lv20: take 1000 more health for creeps to become tanky, the enemy doesn’t want to fight at all the pets.
  • Talent lv25: you have taken points to increase blood for your pet from lv20, you should take 4 more children to whip the enemy team (of course also depends on your micro-level), slow hand lag, the brain then takes 400 blood Extra healing for Ulti less laborious.

How To Play Chen

Early game

Chen is a hero with the most difficult skillset in the game, comparable to Meepo but in the support category. Leading behind a swarm of troops, micro management skills are very important to him in order to maximize the hero’s potential. Check out the micro guide for more details

At the beginning of the game, you can stay on the lane until you get 2 points in Holy Persuasion, or just keep jungling but it’ll be pretty tough. The way to farm is similar to that of other heroes, taking turns taking damage between them to be able to farm for long.

You can also use the item Iron Talon to reduce the health of bovine creeps. Holy Persuasion is a calculation, you not only collect to get the shield to help you farm but also your 2nd, 3rd, 4th skill set. Strong creeps like Satyr Tormentor, Centaur, Hellbear or Troll Summoner are always given priority for their superior strength and damage, but should not underestimate small jungle creeps with many powerful skills.

For example, the small Satyr Banisher would not have expected it to have an extremely powerful slow for 5 seconds, or the Mud Golem stone man also had a stunned target with a relatively long throw range, when combining many at the same time would create an effective stun stack.

You switch to other creeps to use the skill with the TAB key, if you play better you can set the Control Groups for each of his creeps with each number. Of course, this cannot be mastered overnight.

Mid game

His skill set is not worth mentioning, if only Chen alone, the hero would not have had such difficulty. All are target skills, effects and damage are not too difficult to understand. Penitence can be used on Tankers to make them easier to handle, it is also a tool to hold off your enemies (effective if combined with other slows). Test of faith has 2 skills similar to Shadowraze of the demon Shadow Fiend, these two skills work independently of each other.

If Test of faith 1 only does damage, then Test of Faith (teleport) 2 needs a little more treatment. This skill can send dead creeps, dying comrades back home in a split second, and it can also work on him to help bring all of his followers together in total push/team fights. Hand of God doesn’t work very well at early levels and it’s not too much of skill for him (a rare hero with his ultimate less outstanding than other skills), just use it in combat. Blamed is ok. We will mainly talk about how to form a team with Holy Persuasion, the main skill that makes his brand.

Late game


Late game is quite important, if you can preserve the lives of your Creeps, don’t feed money to the enemy Core teams, just win the teamfight, he will help the team to overturn quickly.

In a teamfight, Chen ‘s presence did not seem to be appreciated because only using the Hand of God could “die your mother in the team no longer needed”, but he is really dangerous in counter pushes. That means just losing a small teamfight by mistake, he will immediately pull his followers to knock down from 1-2 towers to help regain a significant amount of net.

Pay attention to his Test of Faith (teleport) 2 ability, which is very helpful in saving your team, or gathering all your forces in big battles. Chen ‘s death is not so important because he still has a Creep that is still completely alive and free running even when the brain is dead, so use a little strength of Creeps are meant to bring even the smallest advantage.