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Overwatch – Instructions on how to play Genji



Genji is a hero in the attacking position in the squad and is considered one of the most difficult heroes to play in Overwatch. Despite having very weak health (200), however, he is extremely flexible with the ability to jump high, climb walls, jump twice … so he can come in and out of combat continuously if moving properly. This character consists of 5 skills.

Genji’s Cyber Agility


This skill allows him to climb walls and jump twice in the air. Genji will climb the wall in a vertical direction rather than running horizontally like Lucio. Using the intrinsic skill will help you to reach places that other heroes cannot reach and surprise them.


Including 24 shurikens, thow 3 shurikens/second

He will throw 3 shots at the target. There are 2 different uses for his basic attacks. You can throw 3 darts in a straight line when using the left mouse button. If you flutter the crosshair during the throw, the following two darts will go in the wrong direction. Meanwhile, if using the right mouse he will hold out 3 darts at a time according to the fan shape. The left mouse is suitable for remote attacks while the right mouse is very effective at close range.

Genji ’s Deflect


Counterattack for 2 seconds, 8 seconds cooldown

The most important thing we should know about this skill is that in addition to protecting you from attacks in the form of flying objects, it also has the effect of countering them in the direction indicated. Genji‘s counterattack skill can cause significant discomfort as it can block the ult of a few other heroes. Of course, you will take some time to practice timing as well as guard the corner to counter attacks.

Swift Strike

This skill allows him to dash forward and deal damage to the target. If the target is destroyed the skill will be healed immediately. You can also use it to escape and shorten the distance when chasing enemies.

Genji ’s Dragonblade

Genji pulled out his dragon sword to slash the enemy. The skill will last for 8 seconds and the amount of dame caused is extremely large. Activation of the dragon sword will instantly restore Swift Strike surfing During skill activation you cannot throw darts but can still use Deflect and Swift Strike.

Genji ’s combo

  • In melee combat: Throw darts and use the melee combat button. Then immediately use Swift Strike to glance over the target (Right Mouse + V + Shift left).
  • When the target is far away: Use the Swift trike to glide towards them, followed by throwing darts and using the melee button quickly (Left Shift + Right Mouse + V). In addition, you can also throw a dart from a distance before surfing to then use the melee button (Left mouse + Left Shift + V)

Some advice

  • This is a hero capable of operating independently
  • Utilize the ability to dame and maneuver to flank the enemy team and kill nasty targets like support.
  • He will fight best at medium range, only getting close when you have your ultimate.
  • Do not use Deflect too early, choose the right time to block the most dangerous attacks of the opponent.
  • Choose the right time to activate the ultimate because this is a very 50/50 skill. When Genji can cause a huge amount of dame per slash, he loses the ability to hit long distances not only does the health and stamina remain the same, so you will be very easy to destroy the opponent. You should activate the skill when you keep the element of surprise or the opponent has less blood. You can slash up to 9 times when activating the skill, leveraging with surfing to reach the chain easily.