April 18, 2021


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Instructions On How To Play Hero Lucio In Overwatch



Lucio is a pretty special support champion in Overwatch. He has the ability to continuously heal or increase the movement speed of allied heroes through a single button, all he does is focus on attacking the opponent.

If you want to play support but don’t like your allied nanny play like Mercy, he is a great choice.

Skills of Lucio


Sonic Amplifier (Left Mouse)

His main attack is the sound rings fired from his sonic gun, looking like a portable speaker. These sound rings fly quite slowly so it is a bit difficult to hit, and its damage is not very much. To use this weapon well, you will need to get used to it for a while, or you can focus on larger targets, especially slow-moving ones like Bastion.

Soundwave (Right Mouse)

His gun will fire a large amount of sound (sound wave) to push the opponent back. This is a very interesting skill so you practice it a lot because there are maps, you have the ability to push the enemy off the map or fall into the cliff.

Crossfade (Left Shift)

He will be able to switch between his two passives: healing or movement speed. The center of the screen will show how many nearby allied champions are receiving this effect, so choosing a position while playing Lucio will be key for everyone to get his passive.

Amp it up (E)


He will amplify Crossfade’s passive, increasing health regen or movement speed taken. This skill has a quite long cooldown, so you need to be patient and wait for the right time to use them. Amp it up will be able to heal a champion full of health in just 2, 3 seconds, and speed up amazingly.

Sound Barrier (Q)Lucio

This is his ultimate, giving all nearby allies (not blocked by walls) a temporary amount of armor that absorbs incoming damage and helps them survive well. more in teamfights. When you push into the main goals, using this skill will give your teammates more confidence to engage in battle.

Wall Ride (Space)

His passive is his ability to slide on walls with his skates. When you slide on a wall, you get a small amount of acceleration when you move straight. You can completely slide the wall continuously, but to do it, you need to spend a lot of time practicing and memorizing the terrain of the map that you are playing.

Strategy of Lucio

Lucio is also considered to be the best support in the game. In terms of single-target healing, he is completely incomparable to Mercy, but in terms of large-scale healing at the same time, he is completely superior.

This ability will help the team with him survive better in long fights. Possessing this tremendous power will come with great responsibility, he will have to choose a very suitable position to buff all teammates at once. Except for the healing ability, his attack ability is also quite good, so it is impossible to underestimate him.

Players should know when to use Crossfade and Amp it up. Usually, this skill combo will be used to quickly move to the target when the match starts or when revived. Players should pay attention to whether or not any of their teammates have sacrificed so they can speed up their return to the battlefield. It’s best to speed up a party instead of individual targets after reviving.

His maneuverability is also a strong point for him to live longer in fights compared to other supports but will require you to be very careful not to plunge into cliffs or get stuck in corners. Wall sliding is fun, but to master them is another matter. This skill can save your life in situations that are thrown off the map. You can completely slide back through the vertical wall steps and jump slowly up.